Sextoys And Hot Lesbian Couple

Sana changed into her night suit and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. She returned to her bedroom with the cup, getting comfortable in her bed. she turned on her laptop waiting for her girlfriend Anaya to video call her. AS she sipped the hot coffee, Anaya called her. “Guess what I have been looking up for us?” asked Anaya. “what?” replied Sana. “Sextoy” replied Anaya with a naughty smile. Both of the girls giggled and continued with their talk while falling asleep on video call.
Sana woke up early the next morning as she had to get the apartment ready since Anaya was coming home any day soon. She changed into a long skirt and a top, picked up her bag and went shopping since she needed to buy a lot of groceries.
It was a nice summer morning, the streets were filled with people. Sana was very much excited about Anaya returning. It had been three months since the lesbian couple hadn’t seen each other.
As she walked in the grocery store a young guy, very tall, with an innocent smile walked up to her. “Hey beautiful” he said out loud to get her attention. Sana looked back at him with a blank expression. “would you like any help?” he asked gently while making a gesture if he could hold the grocery basket for her. “no thank you” replied Sana while walking away.
Sana was the kind of girl who could catch everyone’s attention. Along with an amazing nature she came along with pinkish white complexion and rosy lips, A slim tiny waist that carried a set of heavy breasts which were prominent no matter what she wore.
In the previous years many guys tried to impress her not knowing that her interests lie somewhere else. Sana had been in a lesbian relationship with Anaya since past five months. It was the start of their relationship but then Anaya had to go away for a business deal.
They both worked in the same company but with different departments. Sana had no idea that Anaya was a lesbian like herself. She had seen her flirt around with guys or maybe that is how her nature has always been. Both of the lesbians had very little encounters at the office where they could talk since their work was different.
It wasn’t until their office annual party where they both talked for hours hence the start of a new beginning. Sana had fallen in love with Anaya the moment she had laid her eyes on her that night. Anaya was exactly the type of girl Sana liked. With her great sense of humor, charming smile, long thick shiny brown hair, light brown eyes and the body of a model she took away Sanas heart.

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Particularly for that event Anaya had worn a long maxi dress with a side cut displaying her long slender legs as she walked around. The neck of the dress was deep and her breasts were evidently popping out along with Sana many others stared. For Anaya, Sana was a pretty, innocent hot girl.
Anaya knew that Sana liked her as well but was very shy to even come out and express. There had been moments previously where both had stared at each other while trying out dresses as they used to go shopping together.
One day Anaya felt horny and went to Sana as she was working in her office. Sana was standing by her desk rearranging some files when Anaya walked near her.
“do you want me?” Asked Anaya boldly. To her surprise Sana shook her head in a yes.
It was then when Anaya pressed her lips to hers. She felt Sana tremble as she sipped on her lips with passion and fire in her soul and body. It was after a few seconds when Sana started kissing her back. Moving from a gentle kiss to an extremely passionate one where both of the lesbians lost track of time. It was their first kiss followed by many such secret moments at the office.
The hot lesbian couple had decided to rent an apartment where they both lived together. From taking showers together to making out secretly in public they had fulfilled many fantasies together. It had been only two months since the start of their amazing relationship that Anaya had to go away for a few months on a business deal.
Being away made both of the lesbians sad but they still share their love over video calls. there were nights when one would strip in front of the other and both would masturbate together.
Anaya wanted to try something different, she had always been interested in use of sex toys. where in her city they weren’t available much in variety but now that she was in a different country for business she visited many shops to buy the right sex toys for herself and her lesbian partner.
Sana was a shy person and it had been difficult for Anaya to make her try different things. The lesbian couple had gone over many sextoy pages online figuring out which one would be right for them. Anaya had a lot of knowledge while Sana was not aware of the diverse quality of sex toys in the market.
Both of the lesbians were very much excited to meet once again. Anaya surprised her lesbian lover but returning one day earlier and knocking on the door. Sana couldn’t contain her joy and kissed Anaya at the front door.
Both of the lesbian lovers sit down having tea and snacks while discussing how their days went by without each other. Sana cooked dinner as Anaya unpacked her bags. Both of them enjoyed their dinner together and went to their bedroom.
Anaya wanted to take a shower before getting in bed. He stripped naked in front of Sana, turning her on and went to the bathroom. Sana couldn’t wait behind and stepped in with her lesbian lover.
She rubbed the sponge over her body, slowly rubbing the loofah over Anaya’s body. Sana knew Anaya was tired from the trip and she wanted her to have a good night’s sleep.
Water dripped down their bare naked bodies, running down from their neck to their breasts and on to their erect nipples. Sana kissed Anaya over her nipple. Slowly sipping her nipple gently. With the other hand she rubbed her breast.
Sana softly sucked on to her nipples one by one while rubbing loofah all over her body. As water cleaned the bubbles from her body. Sana wrapped a towel around Anaya and they stepped out to their room. While drying her body, Sana moved her hand down to Anaya’s pussy, slowly spreading her pussy lips to see how wet she was.
Staring into Anaya’s eyes, she rubbed her pussy and licked the finger clean. “yumm, I love how you taste my love” said Sana to her. Anaya sat down on the dressing chair while spreading her legs open for Sana. “have more of me” she told Sana in a seductive way.
Sana got on her knees spreading her pussy lips and she started licking Anaya. Anaya closed her eyes as she felt the tongue move between her pussy lips. With one finger Sana entered her pussy slowly moving the finger in and out.
Anaya moaned as Sana continued to suck her pussy shifting between sucking her vagina and tongue fucking her. As the moans grew Sana fingered her vigorously. Her finger moved in and out of her pussy all wet and messy as Anaya.
Sana licked her pussy clean and got up. The lesbian lovers smiled as they got in bed, naked, to sleep.
Next morning Anaya made breakfast for both of them. “I would like to show you something afterwards,” said Anaya to Sana.
“what?” asked Sana.
“something I bought for us” replied Anaya. Sana looked at Anaya with confusion.
“It’s a really nice sextoy” said Anaya with excitement in her eyes.
“A sextoy?? Really?” replied Sana with confusion and anticipation.
Anaya winked at Sana as they continued having their morning coffee. They helped each other clean up as Sana was very curious to see the sextoy Anaya had bought for them. As soon as they were finished with work, Anaya held her hand and took her to the bedroom. She opened her bag which she had taken with her on her trip. There was a strange object lying on top.
“Is that a sextoy? Asked Sana.
“Yes! It’s a dildo” replied Anaya excitedly.
Anaya took out the dildo sextoy which was wrapped in plastic and handed it over to Sana. She had never seen any sextoy before in real life but had only viewed some online. Sana had read the name Dildo sextoy somewhere but had never exactly seen one.
As Sana took out the dildo sextoy from its cover, she observed it closely. “It’s a strap on dildo sextoy,” said Anaya. “I thought it was a vibrator” said Sana laughingly.
“Well vibrators are for self pleasure but we can enjoy this dildo together” replied Anaya naughtily while coming closer to Sana, taking off her shirt. Sana wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her boobs were round and juicy. Anaya started kissing her while massaging her breasts.
Sana opened her mouth, welcoming in Anaya to explore her mouth with her tongue. As they kissed each other, their clothes got off. Anaya pushed Sana on the bed, getting over her while kissing her lips. She loved how soft her lips were. Biting on to her lower lip she grabbed her breasts, pinching on to her nipples, making Sana moan.
Anaya felt extremely horny she moved down to her neck. Sliding her tongue down to her breasts, she circled her tongue around her nipples, taking tiny bites and nibbling on her nipples as well.
The more Anaya sucked on her nipples the louder Sana moaned. Anaya moved her lips down to her pussy licking her deeply. She stuck her tongue inside her pussy hole, tongue fucking her a little.
Sana was dripping wet. Anaya smiled as she strapped on the dildo. Both lovers looked at each other as if something amazing was about to happen.
Anaya with the dildo sextoy entered her wet pussy hole, Sana moaned as she felt her pussy getting filled. Her moans filled the apartment as Anaya fucked her lesbian lover with the sextoy. She loved how Sana was moaning, getting out of breath.
She sucked on to her breasts while she made her orgasm a couple of times.
Sana was breathless by the time they finished their hot love making session and Anaya knew that she loved this new sextoy alot.

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