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All dressed up in black armani Rahul waited for Anita to get ready. He was very much nervous about tonight since this business meeting could decide their future. Anita stepped out of the bedroom in her black silk sari looking ravishing. The silver chain belt Rahul had gifted her, rested around her milky soft tummy. Her shiny belly button ring could turn many loyal guys into hungry dogs. The diamond locket sparkled between her cleavage. She was a beauty over all with her big round C cups and juicy ass. Her black stilettos complimented her curvy body. He was no match for her. She would have looked better with a broad 6 foot guy rather than someone like him, so lean and short with a normal skin tone. Anita wrapped her arms around Rahul looking into his eyes as if he was her world but inferiority complex got down his spine. He looked away.
“It’s getting late, we should go” he told her while picking up the keys to their hotel room.
A car waited outside for them. As the driver drove Rahul couldn’t stop admiring his wife and the city. He always wanted to take Anita out for a honeymoon but it had never been possible. Now here they were roaming in the city of Paris.

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They stepped out of the car and were greeted by the manager who took them to the dinning hall. As the couple walked down the hallway towards their awaiting team, Rahul couldn’t help but notice how Anita caught everyone’s attention. He placed his hand on her amazingly round ass, It had never been possible back in India but here it seemed okay.
Her hair were tied in a loose bun with few strands running down her bare back. Her eyes sparkled with joy and confidence.
Rest of the evening went well until his senior executive, Dave, approached him asking if he was interested in a senior position at his company. As much as Rahul couldn’t believe his ears something didn’t feel right. Dave looked at his stunning wife as if he could make his way with her right here right now. Well that wasn’t new for Rahul.
Wanting to give Anita the life and pleasure she deserved, saying yes made sense. Dave was a tall 6’2 African guy. With his dark skin tone and broad firm shoulders Rahul knew Dave had no issue with girls but Anita to many wasn’t a very usual lady. Her beauty could light up the whole town. Throughout the entire might Dave had been interested more in Anita rather than discussing work. He sensed a raw sensual attraction which he believed was mutual.
Anita had never been with anyone else except for her husband. She had never complained about Rahul’s body or if his size wasn’t enough for her. She was a shy girl but Rahul could see her eyes fill up with lust whenever she saw someone tall and dark on tv. He could see Anita too was eyeing Dave from certain corners.

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As soon as the couple got back Dave called Rahul letting him know that the offer still stands.
Rahul went inside as he saw Anita change from her sari. She could see in the mirror as her husband watched her sari fall off. Her bare body sent an electric current down his body.
He came close to Anita. While running his hand over her bare tummy, asked her “do you ever fancy someone else with you?”
With blushed cheeks she replied “you know I have always been loyal to you”
The answer was confusing. Rahul undid her bra and while cupping her breast, looked her in the eyes and asked “would you like a night of pleasure with someone you can admire? “
Confused, she looked at him if he was talking in a different language. Slowly he ran his fingers over her nipples and asked “what about Dave?”
At the mention of his name Rahul noticed how her nipples got fully erect.
With shocked eyes she asked him if he had lost his mind and Rahul told her about the offer. She turned away from, changed and went to bed. Rahul couldn’t sleep well. Next few days went by in trying to convince Anita for the offer. She was too shy to even consider but all the talk somehow made sense, after all she had always fantasized about a guy like Dave. Anita told Rahul that she was ready. Rahul called Dave and said that he was very much interested in his offer. Rahul could sense the excitement in Daves voice as he told Rahul that he is coming over.
Anita dressed herself in a long pink skirt with a top that couldn’t hide her cleavage.

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Upon Dave’s arrival, Anita bought them drinks. Dave looked into her eyes and immediately knew he was going to have the time of his life. Dave handed her a gift box and asked to go check it out.
It was a red net nighty. She trembled again at the thought. Anita changed into it. Underneath the nighty Anita wore a bra which barely covered her nipples with strings around her and a panty that gave her round curvy behind an even better shape.
She stepped out of the room and there was complete silence as both of the men stared at the goddess standing in front of them. Red nighty covered her barely. Her skin glowing under the light.
Dave stood up, wasted no time and went inside. The dim lights focused every bit of attention towards Anita who was standing still in the middle of the room unaware of what to do next. Rahul could see Anita was feeling nervous as Dave came close to her. Anita’s face looked as white as snow. She looked at her husband as if waiting for a signal, he nodded in return as to reassure her that everything was fine.
Dave stepped closer, wanting to comfort Anita he held her hands and kissed her shoulder. Anita shivered at the touch of an unknown man. Dave started kissing her softly over her neck to ease away the tension which started working. Anita could feel her heart pounding as Dave opened her nighty and let it slide down her shoulders. Rahul who was watching from a distance felt aroused at the sight of her wife partially naked.
Dave moved his hands over her body noticing how soft her skin was and how delicate she felt in his hands. He started kissing her lips as Anita gave in and started kissing him back. Their lips intertwined. Dave sucked on her lips while moving his tongue slowly over hers. Anita had never been kissed like that before. Dave opened the string letting her bra fall off, revealing her nipples. She was a full course meal and Dave was starving. He moved from her lips to her nipples directly. Feeding on them like a hungry child. Waves of jealousy struck Rahul as Dave engulfed her more. Anita took off Dave’s shirt letting out a body any girl who loves to explore. He was muscular; it made Anita blush thinking what he might have down in his pants for her.

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This site gave Rahul an instant erection. Rahul could sense Anita was pleased at what was being offered. Her white skin against Dave felt like a beautiful black and white combo. Anita kept her eyes locked with Rahuls as Dave nibbled on her breast which made her moan. By the time Dave made his way to her love hole Rahul was fully hard. Dave gently licked her over her thin panty and got up. He was not here to please her. He had other plans.
Anita got down on her knees as Dave freed his tool for her. Anita couldn’t keep her eyes off of his massive erection. Being with a black guy had been one of her only fantasy. She held his tool in her hand like a trophy. Anitas soft lips parted as she started licking the tip. Her hands magically started massaging him along the length. Rahul always wanted to be rough in bed with Anita but his lack of confidence always turned off Anita but Dave was here fully in control. Dave held her head as he asked her to do more. Anita slowly took him in his mouth where Dave forcefully pushed himself down her throat. Holding Anita by her hair he started moving while Anita massaged his balls. Anita tried to take every inch of what Dave had for her. Her soft hands cupped his balls like clouds covered the sun. He liked what Anita was doing. Forcing himself deeper as Anita choked he looked at her with lust. He had been around the world with many ladies but Anita was exactly her kind. Like a good girl she kept sucking him taking in his fluid till he asked her to stop. Dave took his tool and started rubbing the tip over Anitas pink nipples. Dave seemed to like her breasts. He pinched her nipples while she held his tool, gently massaging it. He asked her to bend over the bed.

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She bent over as demanded, Dave gave her love hole a look of admiration running his thumb in between while parting her lips for his tool. He could see her dripping wet. Her tight love hole and the perfect shape said enough about her love life. He teased her for a while with the tip. At times running it between her lips or entering it enough to let her moan for more. Daves precum mixed with her wetness drove them both crazy. Anita looked at the mirror where she could see her husband standing, their eyes locked once again as she smiled at him cunningly. By that time Rahul could feel his penis aching for pleasure. He had never seen her wife so wild. He opened up his belt and started enjoying the show.
Anita couldn’t help but moan as Dave started thrusting deeper. Dave could feel her tight lips around his tool. Her insides throbbing for more Her moans echoed the apartment mixed with the squeaking of the bed with every jerk Dave gave to Anita. Her breasts jiggled as Dave vigorously had his way with Anita while spanking her ass. Leaving his imprints all over. Anita moaned with pleasure their fluids running down her thighs.
By the time they were done both of them were out of breath and energy. Anita went to freshen up while Rahul sat back going through the new documents for his promotion.

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