Dark Night, Gangster and Avni

Hot English Sex Story Dark Night, Gangster and Avni.

The dim blue light in Avni’s room was not enough to overcome the darkness of that night, neither it could fulfill the chasm of emptiness inside her. She was alone in this big bungalow for months and this moment she was recounting and re-accounting the time of love and romance she had spent with Mahesh before he moved to Australia for a business trip and never came back. She was not the lady to stick with one boyfriend but no one could make her feel the way he did. 

She left the bed and walked barefooted, on the soft milky carpet, to the dressing area with a wall-sized mirror, and turned the lights on. She was a ravishing beauty. In black nighty, her white milky body was like a pearl inside the shell. She pulled out the pin to release her long black hair that fell over her back. Some memories from the past drove her to open the tie of her nighty. She was perfect. Her beauty bone was giving a perfect charm to her wide shoulders. Her firm breast was naturally grown to the size, girls can only dream to achieve. Her slim and curved body used to drive him crazy. Her long black hair was a compliment to her big black eyes. She placed her hand on her soft rosy lips to feel the touch of Mahesh’s lips here again. That touch was sensed all over the body deep down in the small pink cunt that was barely visible just between her curved thighs. She saw her sleek legs that she just waxed, sighed, and thought to have some light snacks as she felt a little hungry. She pulled the tie back and wrapped the black sleeveless nighty back over her slim body.

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She had a bowl with snacks, as she returned from the kitchen. She switches on the TV. It was her routine due to the sleepless nights. She used to watch movies, documentaries, and series on her 52” LED. 

It must be 1:00 pm when she heard a knock on the door. She muted the “Atonement” on LED to hear the knock again. She heard it right, there was someone on the door. 

“Who could be there at this time in the night?” She asked herself

She was 29 and was grown enough to not be scared of the knocks. She reached the door and peeked out. He was a man with a body like a bodybuilder. There was calm on his face. A strong stature was just behind the door, which caused her a tremble. It was not safe, but she didn’t have enough to lose, so opened the door for him. 

“Yes, what could I do for you?” she asked with roughness in her voice.

“My car just stuck there.” He pointed in the darkness.

She couldn’t see anything, “so?”

I called the mechanic, he might take 2 hours to reach there. It doesn’t seem safe outside. Could you please let me in for a few hours?” He was a decent, charming man and looked calm but there was something skeptical about him.

Avni thought for a few seconds and nodded in agreement. “Come in”

“I am Ganesh Gaitonde.” He introduced himself as he entered the gloomy blue lighted drawing-room. Meanwhile, Avni switched on the lights and Ganesh noticed that it was a well-built, well-furnished sitting area that was probably designed by any established interior designer. The other thing he noticed was the beautifully curved body of Avni as every curve of her body was truly enhanced by the black silk nighty. Her stiff breast gave him mini arousals as she came back from the kitchen with 2 glasses of cold drink. This was the point when Ganesh noticed that she was alone at home. 

“You don’t live with your husband?” he couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“I am not married” she stretched the tray towards him 

“Your parents?” Ganesh seemed curious

“I don’t think we need to know each other to this level. You just sit there until your technician comes.” She didn’t like the way he was intervening in her personal life. 

“I am so sorry” he stood up as he saw Avni leaving the drawing-room.

“I think there is nothing bad if we could have some gossip. I am sure you are going to enjoy my company”, Avni couldn’t ignore his biceps and his well-built attractive body, while he was talking to her keeping his eyes on her face, as much as he was able too. His eyes were slipping again and again to kiss every part of her body, and it became difficult for him to focus.

It was the first time when Avni appreciated another man’s stature and looks, and it was still in her heart. She sat on the couch while she was least caring about her soft waxed leg that was out of the black gown.

After a silence of a few minutes she spoke, “I live alone here. My parents live in Mumbai and I am here to look after my father’s business, as I am the only child”. Now it was clear from where all this confidence and courage came from. 

“What are you doing here at this time of night?” 

“Well, I am a gangster and I am hiding from the cops while my men flew away”, Avni felt the first wave of fear flowing down in her whole body. She composed herself.

“You have a good sense of humor”. She tried to change that fact. 

“A gangster can never be this handsome.” She thought to herself. But he had a body shape that was shouting out that he is something powerful. Various movie characters of gangsters flashed to her mind, who had a strong body that was definite to fight with other gangsters or cops. she thought that she was scared, but she felt something strange. The built-up of his body and the romance of the situation was giving her arousals. She looked at him, he was smiling. She felt for a while that he could read her mind. 

“I am not going to hurt you” he cleared, “until you allow me to”, a whisper struck Avni’s hearing and gave her a wave of bliss. 

He came closer as he could inhale the soft smell of Mugler Angel. She felt the warmth of his presence that reflected as a tingling feeling in her breasts. She wanted to hug him tight. He walked behind her, slid her hair aside, and placed his lips on the back of her neck. Something cold moved down her spine. There were no needs for words. They both knew what they wanted and the situation was fulfilling the desires.

He came to the front and stamped a kiss on her forehead. The huge globe pendant light was inching their eyes. Avni held his hand and walked inside her bedroom: a white themed sleeping zone with dim blue lights was looking like heaven to create love and fill the bodies with the immense serums of this love that they were wanting for months. They stopped by the king-size bed with a white sheet with blue edges. He grabbed her from the back and pulled her soft, thin body towards him. She felt caged against his strong arms. She always had fantasized about being helpless against the power of a sexually aroused man. 

He drew him closer and locked his lips over her soft pink lips. she responded and started sucking her lower lip and licking his lips all over. Ganesh took her tongue inside his mouth and sucked it for quite a long time. They were out of all rational thoughts. He forgets that he was being chased by the cops and Avni was in deep ecstasy that she forgets about being a gangster. All they knew was the aura of love and aroma of arousal around them. 

He approached the knot of her black silk nighty and untied it. He never knew he would ever see a queen of beauty like this in his life. She was wearing a red brassiere and a similar panty that was giving the unnecessary enhancement to her already alluring body. He couldn’t stop and started scolding her stiff breasts inside the bra with one hand and unhooked the barrier with the other, releasing her tight, tantalizing boobs from the grip. They were perfect 36-D with pink erect nipples. These giants shook for a while and those minutes were killing for Ganesh. He grabbed one and started licking the other. He took one in his mouth as much as he could and gave a deep suck. Then he started licking and softly biting one after the other. Avni was getting the stirs of gushing and was floating above the earth, somewhere in the clouds. He kissed down to her belly button and dug his tongue deep in it and encircled it with passion. There were whirls of pleasures circulating in her body with every move of his tongue and hands that were floating all over her body. 

He threw her on the edge of the bed. Sunk her mouth and nose in her cunt over the panty and started licking it. Avni never thought that a total stranger can cause this level of pleasure to her. She remembered Mahesh but couldn’t trace this pleasure in his licking.  Ganesh pulled her panty down and started licking the soft pink pussy vigorously. He took the pinkish-brown clit in her lips and sucked it. He was licking and sucking the pussy and then Avni felt his long rolled tongue penetrating the hole of her pussy. it was fucking good. She was never treated and loved that way before. She moaned with pleasure. Her hands were sliding over the bedsheet and then she placed them on Ganesh’s head to press it tight against her pussy lips. There were various spells of pleasure running through her body every second. 

She stood up to unbutton his shirt and threw it away. Their bare bodies met and a current of love ran through their bodies. Avni placed her hand behind his neck and started kissing his lips, and he responded by grabbing her upper lip in his mouth. She stopped with a long passionate kiss over his lips and moved down to his neck and then chest. Her soft hands were running in the thick dark hair of his chest sliding them apart. Avni softly bit his nipples, sucked them, and kept licking down to his abdomen. 

His erection was visible even over his pants. She placed her hand over the tight penis and felt another stroke of erection. She was sure that it was about 7”. Avni kept on rubbing the monster. And unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. And took just moments to throw away his underwear. 

She softly placed her lips over the tip of his penis cap. And circled it around the hole. He was amused by the feel. Then she started sucking this upper horn of the male member and circled the tip of her tongue underside the cap. She knew it was an active and sensual part of the penis. Ganesh couldn’t stand the ecstasy and pushed half of his 7” monster inside her mouth. She took it with ease and licked the precum juice. After few minutes of mouth fuck Avni started to lick the penis down to its bottom and licked the two hanging balls. She took one in her mouth and rolled it softly then rubbed her tip of tongue over the joining line of his testicles. He was moaning with pleasure, and the moans became intense when Avni pressed her tongue in the place between the anus and testicles. Ganesh’s hard body was completely in the control of this delicate lady. 

Then he decided to take the driving seat. He faced Avni towards the bed and bent her down. The small opening of her soft wet pussy was just on the point of his penis. He held his man and pointed it right up the hole. Avni was waiting for this monster to tear her tight pussy that was not fucked for a long time now. He thrust his dick that couldn’t dig deep in the first strock. He stopped for a few seconds to give Avni a small pleasing break and pushed it again. The long rod touched everything inside Avni and she felt her all emptiness of body and soul was filled by the love and passion of this stranger, who knew how to give more than best in the bed. He kept on thrusting his penis and pulling it back for quite a long time when Avni got her first orgasm. Ganesh pulled down the fully erected tool and laid down on the bed. Avni came over his strong body and placed her pussy exactly over his dick. She was a little tired but wanted to be fully exhausted as she needed this for months. She jumped fast with this monster inside her. With every jump, she hoped to thrust the dick out but it was long enough to dance inside for several minutes. That was the night she came multiple times and finally, both of them were out of this world full of worries and regrets. They slept deep for hours and the morning was hours ahead still.


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