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Naina felt tired. She still had to clear the room before her roommate, Misha came back. Exhausted, she got up. From folding clothes to aligning all the books, she had to clean all. Misha was a messy girl while Naina was a cleanliness freak. Lost in thoughts she was arranging the books when a magazine fell off from inside of a book. Startled, Naina looked at it with shock in her eyes. “DESI LESBIAN HOT SEX” read the title. The book belonged to Misha.
Why would Misha have a desi lesbian hot sex porn magazine hidden, thought Naina. She heard footsteps coming. Quickly she hid away the magazine and got back to work.
Misha entered the room. She was a skinny, tall girl with shoulder length brown hair and tan complexion that suited her well who loved wearing bright lip colours that complimented her amazing body. Misha liked keeping her butt round and breasts upright for which she frequently visited the gym.

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Naina on the other hand was of normal height, long black hair with black eyes and skin as white as snow. Her lips naturally pink with cheeks that blushed. She was a shy girl while Misha was a confident, outspoken person.
Misha carelessly threw her jacket on the floor and jumped on the bed. Naina was still in a shock. “what’s wrong? Did you see a ghost?” asked Misha noticing. Naina ignored her question and kept her calm.
They changed and went for dinner. They both were studying in the same university and had been friends since Naina moved into the room. Though she enjoyed Misha’s company she was always conscious of how carefree Misha was. Changing clothes in front of her and walking around naked in the room was not a big deal for her.
A couple of times Misha jokingly had walked in on Naina while she was in the shower. Not to miss the fact that she loved how juicy and soft Naina’s butt was, which she had spanked in a fun way many times. Naina was not okay with it but she realized maybe that’s how roommates are once they live together for a while.
Now that she saw a lesbian magazine in her roommates book, she had doubts. They walked home after dinner holding hands as always but tonight Naina felt weird. They changed and settled in bed. Naina kept awake as curiosity took over. She waited for Misha to sleep, wanting to check out that magazine.
Naina slowly got out of bed tiptoeing to the table, she took out the hidden magazine. It was filled with pictures of girls together. Some naked and some barely covered by shreds of fabric. Kissing and being intimate.
Misha was aware of what Naina was upto. As Naina turned pages to more explicit content she felt being aroused. The pictures depicting desi lesbian hot sex gave her a wild sensation she was unaware of. Too hot to handle she went to take a shower to calm her aroused body.
The warm water falling down on her was no help. Her nipples were erect and her pussy a little wet from the erotic pictures. She had no idea she would enjoy it.
Naina stood there under the shower massaging her nipples slowly. With her eyes closed she touched her body , moving her hand down to her pussy, feeling the mild wetness. Rethinking about the scenes from the magazine, she circled her finger around her pussy lips. Water dripped down her glossy body, she opened her legs a little to massage her clit more.
Misha stood at the door staring at her. The water droplets on her nipples, running down her belly button turned on Misha. She looked at her naked body. The steam around her highlighted her body.

Unmindfully Misha walked in the shower. Failing to resist Naina she held her by her waist. Startled by the touch, Naina opened her eyes seeing Misha in front of her. Misha came closer, staring into her black eyes she started kissing Naina. Paralyzed by the new feeling Naina stood still as Misha kept her lips locked.
As the numbness subsided, Naina felt a strong urge to kiss her back. She started kissing her back strongly. Misha smiled as she felt the force of the kiss growing. Her night suit had gotten all wet under the shower but that didn’t matter. The hunger between them grew as Naina wanted more of her. She sucked at her tongue as Misha circled around her nipples, gently touching the sensitive areas. She could feel her heartbeat rising as the heat increased.

Misha knew Naina was new to this. She pinched her nipples to see her reaction. The light pain along with pleasure sent chills down her spine as tiny moans escaped her mouth. Their tongued circles around, dancing in their mouths. Misha took small tiny bites at her lower lip, nibbling on to her lip at times licking her lips for comfort.
Misha backed off a little and took the towel. “We have class tomorrow, lets sleep,” she said while wrapping the towel around Naina. Naina was still startled but followed Misha to the room and tried to sleep, dreaming about them both.
Classes were usual but Naina skipped one to come back early. She couldn’t help herself but think about last night. Why didn’t she stop? Why did she like the kiss?
Misha returned with burgers and ice-cream. Both ate their burgers quietly. Misha got up and took a magazine out. It was desi lesbian hot sex. She opened it up while lying next to Naina.
Flipping through pages Misha looked at the images for a while. She said out loud “you know what this is?” while pointing to a picture. It was the image of two naked girls lying over each other with their pussies touching. Naina shook her head in a no. “its scissoring” she replied. “It’s fun” she said with a slight smile on her face.
Naina liked what she saw. Misha got closer to her. Letting go of the magazine and holding Naina’s hand, Misha looked into her eyes. She felt Naina blush as if knowing what was about to happen.
Brushing her hand on Naina’s cheek, Misha came closer inhaling her body scent. She smelled like a fresh open meadow. Misha had been with many girls before but the moment she met Naina, she had dreamed of tasting her.
Misha took her shirt and trouser off and took off Nainas as well. Their lips met once again. As Misha got over Naina, their bodies close, she held her hands while sipping her lips. Naina felt her body on hers. Their boobs touched through the soft fabric of their bras. The intensity of their kiss grew, from a soft gentle kiss to a hungry one. Last night was still in their minds. They both wanted more.

Misha let go of her lips moving her tongue down her neck onto her boobs. Her healthy boobs were soft and juicy. She licked around the nipples, leaving the nipples, wanting to tease her.
Tiny moans left her body as she shivered. Her body quivered wanting to be touched. Her nipples fully erect ached for attention. Misha loved seeing her roommate needing her attention.
They both stared at each other as Misha slowly circled her thumb over her erect nipples. Heat radiated from her. Her nipples were pink as rose and hard as rock. Misha licked her nipple as if tasting a cherry. As her tongue flicked over her nipple Naina felt shocks down her spine. Her pussy twitched for pleasure.
Misha felt naughty seeing her friend in pleasing agony. She could feel Naina ache for more as she sucked her nipple. Naina pulled her head over her boob wanting to he sucked more.
Misha held her hands and kept playing. Softly sucking on her nipples leaving love bites around. She moved down on her, tasting her skin down to her belly button.
Naina couldn’t control herself. She had never been teased like this. Misha moved around her pussy, licking her inner thighs leaving marks . Naina moved her body wanting her pussy to be touched just once. She felt herself getting wet.
Her pussy radiated fire as Misha closed on to it. She licked the area around her pussy lips as Naina moaned. The foreplay was torturous, Misha slowly moved her tongue over Naina’s pussy lips. Her body shivered as Misha slowly flicked her tongue gently opening her pussy lips.
Naina felt her tongue over her pussy lips. Slowly making its way inside. She was wet and Misha loved her taste. Slow licks turned into fast ones as Naina moaned louder from pleasure. Misha circled her love hole with her tongue slowly entering it inside. Naina had never experienced oral sex before and Misha knew well how to entertain.
She slowly tongue fucked her while massaging her. Misha licked her finger to get it wet for Naina as she slowly entered her inside. She felt her tight pussy contracting. Misha started sucking on to her breast as she fingered her vigorously.
Loud moans filled the room as Naina finished. Out of breath, Naina closed her eyes. Misha got over her and kissed her again. Naina could taste herself on her lips.
It was Misha’s turn to enjoy. She switched positions with Naina. Naina wanted to try what she had seen in DESI LESBIAN HOT SEX. As she positioned herself over Misha, their legs intertwined. Misha felt her pussy against Naina’s wet dripping love hole.
Naina pinched her nipples. Misha loved this new wild Naina. She moved over Misha while rubbing her boobs. It was the first time Naina had touched another girl’s body. She loved how her boobs were so firm while she pinched the nipples making Misha go wild.
Misha moaned as the friction between them grew. Naina started sucking on to her breasts. The soft texture of her nipples felt nice on her tongue. As she moved her lower body, rubbing her pussy on Mishas. Their juices mixed made a lovely mess.
Their moans filled the entire dorm room. Indeed scissoring was fun. Naina and Misha finished as they laid back thinking what next should they try from the magazine.

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