Divorced Lady and The Stranger

As Rija relaxed in the bath, the bathroom was filled with relaxing aromas as she sat down in the tub suffused with fragrant bubbles. Under the warm water, her body sparkled. She lightly rubbed the foamy leather on her breasts and lightly pressed her nipples. They were so pink and erect. She massaged her breasts, feeling horny as she did.
Slowly, she moved her hand between her legs and felt warm water touch her pussy. She rubbed her soft pussy lips in a circular motion with the tip of her fingers.

She closed her eyes and longed to have more. She placed it on her lips and felt the warm water pressure. As her pussy stimulated, her legs began to tremble. She felt the water touch her perfectly, making her go gaga.

She smiled and relaxed, thinking to herself that she should order a “dildo” or another sextoy.

Rija was glowing as she walked out the shower. Her body was glowing with steam, giving her an extra glow. Rija wrapped her body in a towel and gave herself a long, glancing in the mirror.

She thought, “What an amazing body! How sad to let it go to waste!” while staring in the mirror, still feeling horny.

Rija was living on her own for several months after divorce. Rija was not able to match him. Beauty and the Beast is not always a happy tale.

She reached into her closet to find her yoga pants. It was nearly time for her yoga class. Rija always wanted to be fit. Rija was well-shaped, both naturally and with effort.

Her ass cheeks were very prominent due to the yoga pants, which gave her an incredible shape. Karan, her yoga instructor, waited for her as she walked to her lounge.

Karan was tall and very masculine. Although he was the gym owner, Rija found him very accommodating. He could see the fire in her eyes and was eager to discover more. He knew she was a horny woman.

As Rija entered, he looked up. Her scent filled the room. Karan took in the scent of her as he gazed at her well. He thought that yoga had helped shape her. Karan was close by as she lay down on the yoga mat.

Rija loved Karan’s gentle, yet firm approach to her. As he corrected her posture, he placed his hand on her shoulder. Rija was already hot and Karan was just what she needed.

The past few weeks were spent in intense masturbation, but nothing was enough for her to put out the flames.

Karan used to touch Rija every now and then. As she stretched her legs over the yoga mat, he moved his hand to her waist. Karan ran his thumb along her skin as he felt the soft texture. Karan looked at her body and noticed that she was wearing a small top with a deep neck, which showed off her cleavage.

Karan was overcome by the sight of her breasts. Rija glanced at Karan, knowing exactly where he was. She flexed her legs to try a new pose and said, “Karan, I can’t stretch well in those.” Let me take them off.

Karan looked at her in disbelief as her yoga pants were taken off. She wore a slut thong underneath. It was barely visible between her legs and covered nothing. Karan felt an immediate erection, and it was visible in his pants.

She smiled and turned her head as she got down on her knees. Karan could see her pussy through the gap. The net thong was placed between her lips and spread them apart. She curled her back in a seductive manner. She smiled cunningly as she turned her face to Karan.

Karan was told by she, “Don’t make me wait.”

He placed his hand on her butt. Slowly, his fingers moved inwards towards her inner legs. Rija felt his pussy pulse more. He brushed his fingers closer to her pussy, as she arched more.

Karan asked, “Enjoy today’s yoga session?”

Rija replied in a sexy tone, “I would love to enjoy more.”

His voice alone made it harder. Karan looked at Rija as she sat down on the yoga mat. As he moved around her, his fingers traced her skin from her leg to her waist.

Rija felt his hand move up and her skin began to tickle. It had been so long since she was ready for a manly touch. A flame grew inside her. Karan felt her chest rise as his hand drew closer to her breasts.

Karan stared into Rija’s eyes, as if asking permission. Karan pulled her blouse up and revealed her large breasts. He was astonished by her nipples. He thought of delicate pink petals as the pink color in her nipples.

He held his hands in his hands and lust grew stronger. His hands felt like tiny pieces of heaven, with their firm breasts and softly erected nupples. His tongue trembled as he leaned in close to her breasts. He rubbed his hands over her incredible growths. Rija waited patiently for him to touch her with his mouth.

Karan placed his face between her breasts and took long, deep breaths inhaling the body smell. As he gently rubbed her skin with his warm breath, she moaned softly.

Rija was curious how long it would take for him to examine her pussy, as it throbbed more for attention. As her body moved to his touch, slow foreplay was playing.

Karan held her arms and sucked on her nipples. His teeth nibbled at her flesh, turning her nipples pink. The mild pain was pleasant.

Karan was hypnotized by the scent of her body. He moved his hand to the side, his lips locked onto her breasts. Slowly, he moved his fingers between her legs.

Her thong became moist from the wetness. Karan felt his dick vibrate in his boxers. He moved his fingers in further, and he began to play with her lips while slowly sucking her nipples.

Rija was wild. Her pussy was aching for a rough encounter. Karan slowly entered her pussyhole by moving the tip of his fingers around it. She was sufficiently wet to allow for penetration.

Karan loosened his pants and let his dick out for his horny woman. Rija got down on her knees. Karan moved closer to Rija and rubbed his dick’s tip between her lips. He rubbed his dick between her lips, causing it to slide up and down.

Karan was utterly baffled by the horny woman’s mutterings. His dick entered slowly, he pushed himself in. Karan could feel her soft, warm pussy. His brain was flooded with the moist sensation, and he began to move faster. He was driven mad by her moans as he slapped her soft tummy. Her curve helped him to penetrate deeply until his balls were splattered with her pussy.

She yelled, “Fill me!”

Karan was a hard-core fucker. With every thrust, her breasts gigglingly moved back and forth. Her body vibrated with orgasm and she screamed. Karan was on the verge of exploding. Rija felt his warm cum filling her pussy. As Karan got dressed, Rija lied on the yoga mat and then she left.

Rija sat down, her stomach still full of cum. Rija got up and went to get food. Each passing guy made her feel even more hungry. A desire to feel fulfilled again. She was becoming a sexaholic, horny woman.

She returned home to see how everyone was looking at her. She was an attractive, beautiful woman with a great body. She felt good about herself and returned home.

Rija lay down on her back, turning her sides. But something kept Rija awake. Her un fulfilled desires made her feel empty. She felt the same fire inside, and knew that no sextoy would help her.

She reached for her phone and scrolled through her contacts. She had found the number to an agency somewhere she had kept it, which her friend had given her back in her early divorce days, and said “you might require it”.

It was a male chauffeur service. As the bell rang, she reconsidered her decision and dialed the number.

Someone answered “hello,”

“hi,….!” replied Rija.

The voice asked, “How can I help?”

“help me feel good…. no, great” replied Rija.

The voice laughed and said, “sure, please address”

Rija was impatient after the exchange of information. Her body was steaming more and more every second. Her body felt like it was being controlled by her desires. She became more sensitive and eager to be loved deeply.

She was thrown off her feet by a bell. Rija ran to the door, not knowing what she was in for. The man was dark and large, his shirt covering his body like a layer, highlighting his strong frame. The bulge that was prominently displayed over his jeans took Rija by surprise. Rija smiled at him. He was handsome, strong, and dark.

The stranger was able to tell by her smile that she loved the surprise. As he entered the apartment, he lifted her into his arms. His grip was firm and strong. Rija felt shocks and excitement. Rija was thrown onto the bed by a stranger who had a serious expression. His lips were full and thick. She wanted to kiss him.

As he removed his shirt and showed his entire body to her, he looked deeply into her eyes. Rija was hypnotized by the stranger’s gesture of taking her clothes off. His hands worked magic on her body.

Rija felt as though he was in complete control, and she loved it. As he got over Rija, he covered her with his own body. He sucked on her lips, meeting her lips with his. His hard body felt firm against her breasts. Rija was his favorite costumer out of all those he’d met.

He wanted her to love him as much as he was going to make her. Her cherry lips tasted exotic and her breasts brushed against his skin felt luxurious. It was evident that her erect nipples were clearly visible. As he kept her tongue busy, the stranger explored her mouth more.

Rija felt his hand run down her waist between her legs. She was horny for him and wanted to see his gift. The stranger moved to her breasts, tracing her skin using his tongue. He left behind a trail if love bites all over her soft skin.

Reaching for her breasts, the man circled her nipple. He could see Karan’s marks on her pink flesh. He knew that she was addicted to sex and wanted more. He smiled when he saw the competition.

The marks on her breasts were freshly made by the dark stranger. As he sucked on her nipple, his teeth kept her nipple between them.

His hand touched her clit and inspected her pussy. The stranger was thirsty as it was already wet. As he reached her belly button, he moved to her waist. Her skin smelled fruity.

Rija groaned as he sucked her belly button. He moved down to her perfect pussy and opened her legs. It was shiny and wet under the sunlight. The stranger sniffed her pussy like an hungry dog. Rija felt lustful as he exhaled at her pussy. He reached out to her and opened her lips. Although her pussy was clogged, he could see that she had experience.

He softly licked her lips with his tongue. Her pussy was a bit tense at his touch.

Rija ordered, “fuck me!” because she wasn’t in the mood to eat.

As he stood to remove his pants, her honeydew covered his lips. Rija felt her stomach twitch when she saw the colossal man. His hard work was too much for her body. She knew that he would fuck her well because he was a big, black cock.

Rija was pinned down by the stranger, who held her hands. Rija could feel herself in his hands as he kissed her lips. He reached for her and she opened her legs, placing his dick between them.

Rija groaned even more when he pulled her pussy open. He had more for her. With every thrush, he kept pushing inside her. As he pushed, he felt her tightness around the dick.

He didn’t need to put in extra effort to make her moan as mad. His raw meat could slide against her soft pimples. As he walked in and out of her, his balls slapped her. Rija was still breathless, and he had a lot to do before he could fill her up.

As she came in a few more times, the horny stranger felt her pussy getting wet. As he entered her from behind, he flipped her over. She was even more sexy in this new position. She screamed and sexy strangers fucked her even more. She slapped her soft tums. Every thrust made her giggle. Their bodies were covered in sweat as his dick filled them deeply.

She told him, “Cum in me,” as he was getting closer to the finish line.

He continued to go in deeper until he was done. His pulsating dick squirted in her, filling her with his pussy until her cum dripped from her.

Rija was satisfied when she saw the stranger. Rija knew where she should call to get her questions answered.

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