Her Guilty Pleasure

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“It’s been five months since Azhar left. I miss him every day. Every second, minute and hour. Some of his shirts remind me of his fragrance like he is somewhere around me. So close to my heart,“wrote Maira in her diary, she was writing all this when she looked outside her window and saw droplets of rain pouring down on her terrace. She got excited seeing this, as a kid Maira always loved the rain. She had a thing for it. She knew she’s a grown-up now, but rain always used to excite her. Maira was a young lady in her early 20s, but what made her charming was her beautiful, enchanting looks. She was the most gorgeous girl at her university. She had those perfect curves, adding beauty to her body. She knew about this. She knew she could leave a charming effect on anyone. Often, she used to ask Azhar in their sweet dating days, what he liked most in her. And every time Azhar used to tell her, it was her innocence.

Sometimes after hearing this, she used to scoff because she loved it when someone compliments her body, her features. Truth be told after marriage Azhar had to go abroad. He was a faithful husband. But every day growing desires of being touched were haunting Maira. It was one of those days when it was raining; she was enjoying the drops of rain drenching her clothes, her body, her face making her dance around the rain whilst giggling like a baby. She was enjoying this serene moment. But there was someone else who for a moment got awestruck by her. It was Maria’s father in law. Mr Azam Sahani.

Mr Azam Sahani was a university professor in the same university. He had worked really hard for where he was today. He was a man in his late 50’s still he was very fit and muscular. He had the only son. Azhar Sahani. Mr Azam wanted him to study abroad to see him achieving his dreams. One of the reasons, Azhar went abroad right after marriage. Mr Azam Sahani was sexually active. His wife, Nailah Sahani, had a breast cancer operation. Due to which, she was not sexually active. Maira was lost in the charm of rain, when she felt strong gazes on her. She was wearing a white dress, and a red lipstick which made her look more beautiful. She was all wet with rain, her clothes were thin revealing her curves and her body. She was enjoying the rain, giggling, since she was all wet with the rain, her breasts were visible. She was wearing no bra; her nipples were looking extremely hot. She was looking like a dream, that could make anyone go crazy for her. Her long hair was barely covering her back, and to someone else it was extremely a serene view to watch. When she looked, she saw her father in law, it seemed he was lost to what he was looking at. Those big breasts of Maira, they were turning him on. When he looked back at Maira, both of them came into the present.  To wave off the awkwardness, he called her out and told her to change her clothes before she catches a cold. Maira nodded and went into her room. “What was that …? “. She murmured to herself. Not that she knew what happened, but why was she getting all wet inside. His gazes felt hot on her body. Like he was touching her. She wondered what would happen if he really touched her. Just the thought of this turned her on.  Her thoughts were mixing, they were not fighting. It was the burning sensation of being touched.

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The desire of her father in law, taking her clothes off. Unhooking her bra, pulling them down, running his fingers down on her breast, and touching them. All this desire of feeling this was burning Maira to no end. She should not think like that, she should not do this. Suddenly she felt bizarre. Her mind is not agreeing with her thoughts. But her heart was pounding with excitement. Her heart was telling her not to feel any sort of regret. To use her beauty, that she deserves love and being touched. Maira knew only masturbating herself would help now. Before this, Maira used to masturbate herself by thinking of Azhar, now she was going to do it by thinking of Mr Azam, her father in law.

“You are home, honey “, said Nailah, wife of Mr Azam Sahani. The nurse just helped her finish her noon meal. “You may go now “, she said to her nurse. The nurse nodded and went outside. “Yeah, actually there was not much work for today, so I decided to be at home with you “. Nailah knew after her operation how she cannot satisfy the needs of Azam. She often used to feel guilty for that. Azam knew what she thought, so he told her not to worry and think about it. He understands her. After relaxing Nailah, Azam went into the bathroom. He looked at the mirror, his ears were burning red with what he saw earlier. Those breasts, he thought, how would they taste them in his mouth. He was turned on to no extent. For how long he wanted to feel this complete with someone. And now this, the view was not getting out of his sight, making his length harder. And turning him on even more. He wanted to feel, he wanted to touch, to hold, to ride, to taste and whatnot. All his desires he had been controlling for so long now, were getting out of his hand. He knew what could calm him down, so he started masturbating himself. Only the difference he had Maira in his mind, all along while masturbating himself.

A week after this, Maira was working in the kitchen. There were maids all in the house, but Maira used to do some house chores herself, she was standing on a stool, cleaning up the dirt in the cabins, dusting them off from cups, plates and glasses. She was wearing a black golden mixed shade dress, slightly making her breasts look more prominent. Her hair was rolled up in a bun, some strands playing on her forehead. It was then she was trying to reach a cup when she slipped and was about to fall when Azam grabbed her. She was in his arms; in the arms of the man she had been dreaming of since a week. All those dreams of him touching her, giving her pleasure. And now this, they both looked at each other, “You should be more careful whilst working “. Azam said, looking deep into her eyes. His chest meeting her beautiful round-shaped breasts, noticing her breath going high. She nodded. He let her down, for some reason Azam was feeling this sudden urge of kissing her. When she was about to go, he told her “You are feeling those desires, don’t deny me. I felt that in your breath just now…” She turned around, met the gaze of his eye, rushed to him and started kissing him. He grabbed her breasts, pulled her closer and started kissing, biting her lips. All the sensation both had been feeling since last week were coming out now. Their lips were hovering over each other, grabbing, pulling, biting and sucking it all. His lips felt so soft, Maira thought. Then all of a sudden, she pushed him, for a second looked right in his eye and ran away. “Maira, listen! “, called Azam. But she didn’t hear and ran away. He sighed and sat down at the nearby chair. He looked outside the window, but no signs of regret were on his face, in fact, his burning desires grew more. It was around eight at night; dinner was all set to serve. Nailah noticed Maira had not come down, so she asked her maid to call her. Her maid went to Maira’s room, knocked on her door and came in. She told Maira they all were waiting for her to come down and have dinner. She told her to go, as she was not feeling hungry. The maid went down. Upon hearing her answer, Nailah decided to herself go and ask her. When Azam told her not to, he told her she might need some rest, she should give her space.  “I have never felt this much strong desire ever in my life, not even with Azhar. “Maira wrote this in her diary, her hair was open; she was laying backwards wearing her nightdress. It was dark in her room, with the glimpses of light of the Moon coming outside the window. The weather was good, when she was writing in her diary, “I have all the rights to feel things, Azhar is out there. But I am finding this urge of feeling Azam. Without feeling a pint of regret. He turns me on in the way, Azhar has not. His lips, they tasted so good, I wonder how it might feel when he would be inside me. How much pleasure is he going to give me? I have all the rights to know about this. I am beautiful, and I can’t hold it anymore. I want him. I am getting tired of pushing him away when all I want is him. His body on me, his lips touching my breasts, my neck, my lips. I am tired of getting him out of my mind when I cannot “, she wrote all of this when she knew how she could not control it anymore. She stripped her dress, rolled over the bed. She was pressing her breasts on the pillow. Thinking of Azam, her cave got so wet. It was dripping down on the bed sheet, she started masturbating herself whilst thinking of him, giving her all this sweet guilty pleasure.

She turns me on in the way no-one has ever had. I can not seem to control myself around her, and amusingly I do not even feel sorry for that. He wondered all this to himself. It seemed like some chaos in his head, but it was the burning desire that was getting out of hand. He knew he is not going to regret it, and so is Maira. He exactly knew what needed to be done. “I see him every day, and my love for him is growing every day, only he can calm my desires down “, thought Maira while looking outside her terrace down to the garage. Her eyes met Adam’s for a while. He smiled and waved her back, she waved to him too. She knew what was coming for her, she was eager for it to happen. Eager of him, his touch. It was one beautiful evening, and it was raining, she was wearing a white dress with a deep V line neck, showing her cleavage enough. She came in front of the mirror, took a deep breath and smiled. She knew what she wanted, and there were no signs of regret on her face.

“You look beautiful, mi amore “, said Azam. Maira blushed and looked down, he grabbed her chin and pulled it up. Looking into her eyes, he said “I don’t know when it happened, but I know one thing for sure, I have never developed such feelings for anyone. Not until I saw you on the terrace, soaked up in the rain. You should know Maira, you should be aware of your beauty. It is mesmerising. He touched her shoulder, running his fingers up and down. He looked into her eyes and gently started kissing her. Maira felt a hot sensation running in her body, giving her pleasure. Azam noticed her nipples were getting hard, she was looking so tempting hot. His length got hard. He broke the kiss pressed her against his length, which upon realising Maira blushed softly, her soft skin giving fragrance of rose Azam snuggled into her neck, it was like he wants his soul to remember the enchanting aroma Maira was giving, he grabbed her from shoulder. Pressed his length more into her, which led into Maira moaning. Her cave was all wet, he could feel her juice, and it brought a hideous smile on his face. He unzipped her dress from behind, removing it slowly. Both were in the pure ecstasy of intense pleasure. He started unhooking her bra from behind, his cold hands were making her nipples more hard. He removed her dress, revealing her bra, he grabbed her breasts and pulled it down. Her hands were on his head; she was pushing his mouth more into her breasts. The intense amount of pleasure was making them both insane, forgetting their relation and their surroundings. He came up to her face, gently biting her ear lobes, he whispered to her “I want to feel you”, to which she gasped softly, this was precisely what she wanted too. To make their first night together more sensual, Maira told Azam to come into her room on a rainy day. When she was about to leave, he grabbed her from behind and kissed her for one more time.

It was raining, it was raining heavily. Maira was wearing her black nighty, which almost looked like she was wearing no clothes at all. Her soft breasts were waiting for Azam as it was the night. Her heart was racing, her breath getting tense. She wanted him and that moment seemed she got him. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, she rushed and opened the door. Azam was standing there, his breath so high, they looked at each other. He closed the door, grabbed her by her breasts and started kissing her so severely, He pushed her to the bed, took all of her remaining clothes. Her porcelain, soft body was in front of him. The one he wanted so bad. He ripped off his shirt. His length getting harder, Maira started moaning unknowingly he grabbed her breasts and sucked her nipples vigorously. He was giving her insane pleasure. It felt so good at that moment. He was licking all her body, biting it forcefully.

Tracing her skin with his lips. He knew her cave was getting wet, and her body was in compliance with his will. He slid his hands down her skin, towards her cave and finally started to touch it. Maira was accustomed to sexual pleasures due to her husband, yet at the moment, everything felt to her many times more pleasurable than what she had with her husband. The sensation of sin, combined with pleasure, was maximising everything. His hands on her cave felt like heaven, driving jolts of energy within her body, and just when he started to run his fingers on her wet clit, she could not help but moan his name. Azam saw how horny she is, and he wanted her to feel even better, to the point of no return, to the point where she completely forgets her husband, engraving the memory of this one night in the depths of her mind. The motion of his fingers was pacing up, and he was circling around her clit. He started to slide his finger inside her cave, making her moan even louder.

The thrusts of her fingers were making Maira crave for his length inside her even more. She grabbed his head with her hands, and kissed his lips in the most sweet and passionate way possible for her, making him come on top of her, preparing herself for the final round of lust. His dick was touching her cave while he was on top of her in a missionary position. He grabbed her hands and slid them wide open while inserting his dick inside her cave which was tight due to no sexual intimacy for so long. Yet, it slid inside in a smooth manner due to the wetness encircling it. It was not a thrust, rather a slow passionate insertion of his length, which made her feel loved and lustful at the same time. It was not what she expected, but was enough to make her moan and feel even better. Her hands were caged inside his, while she had rolled her legs around his waist. His thrusts grew intense with every passing second, and she was able to feel every single thrust inside her cave, making him reach the depths she did not know even existed. Her moans were loud and were echoing the room, Azam suddenly put his hand on her mouth, making her silent, and started to thrust his length at her with ever more thrust. His hand was caging her moans inside, while his thrusts were eminent to open her hole even more now. They were enjoying the best night of their life. With his every thrust he was opening her more, giving pleasure to her. Her cave was all wet; his length was feeling it. He started pacing more into her. Every thrust made her breasts touch his face, and he was sucking them like a hungry small baby. Her hands were on his hair, pulling them, making him moan. He was pushing his length so much into her, that she was feeling his balls touching her. For them, it was the moment of their blissful sin. Their bodies were heavily sweating, and their skins were in sync with each other. She could feel his thrusts inside her cave, along with his length throbbing and palpitating, like if it were about to climax.

Wholly fell in the trenches of lust, both climaxed at the same time, not feeling a pint of guilt for what was done. Their breaths high, both were panting. It seemed they had one of the best sex they could ever have. His arms were around her, he was gently pressing his fingers on her nipples. They stayed like that, with no fear in their hearts, the whole night and Maira fell asleep on her father-in-law’s arms.

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