Her Unfulfilled Desires – Dewar Bhabi Sexual Encounter

Dewar Bhabi Sexual Encounter

This story revolves around Savita and Anil, a dewar bhabi sexual encounter.
Varun walked up to his wife, Savita, who was busy in the kitchen. Placing his hand on her slim waist. Savita smiled as Varun kissed her from behind while rubbing her waist. He moved his hand up when he heard the bell ring. It was his younger brother Anil. He had just come from Dubai and wanted to surprise his brother. It had been a year since Anil went away for a business plan, missing his brother Varuns wedding.
Varun welcomed him inside, excited to see his brother after so long.
“This is such an amazing surprise dear brother” said Varun while walking him inside.
“I just got free yesterday, booked the first flight to you and Bhabi” replied Anil.
Savita entered the living room smiling. It was her first time meeting her dewar (brother in law). Anil looked up at Savita, his bhabi, wearing a purple sari. She was a beautiful girl in her late twenties with smooth skin, creamy and glowing. A dimpled cheek with rosy lips. What caught Anil’s attention was her body, big wellbuilt breasts hidden behind the pallu of her sari and her tiny waist peeking below her blouse.
They exchanged their greetings and Savita went to make dinner. Anil freshened up and went to get water. He saw his bhabi cooking.
“Let me help you bhabi, I am good with kitchen work” said Anil while stirring the spoon.
Later both bhabi and dewar spent the evening cooking and having fun conversation. Savita always wanted Varun to help her out but he was always busy with work. All he ever wanted was sex from her. Seeing her dewar (brother in law) in the kitchen, helping her out immediately turned her on.
Anil was very different in looks compared to his brother. Varun had gained weight after marriage whereas Anil was still smart, with a tan complexion and black eyes as dark as night sky. He had a dense beard that mixed with the tan made him look sexy.
The dinner went peacefully well. The family enjoyed sharing their daily life routine with each other. Savita couldn’t help but notice how confident Anil sounded about his work and the passion he had for life was fascinating. His upright posture and decent behaviour won Savitas heart.
Savita got up to clean the dishes.
“Bhabi let me help you tidy up. Such sweet hands aren’t supposed to work like this” said Anil while picking up the dishes.
Savita blushed. “ It’s her job to take care of these things” said Varun bluntly, walking out of the kitchen.
Anil still helped his bhabi tidy up. Their relationship grew in just one day. Savita kept thinking about her dewar (brother in law) all night. Varun had office the next day while bhabi and dewar were at home. They planned to go grocery shopping where Anil helped his bhabi throughout.
On their way back home they stopped for an ice-cream. Anil ordered an ice-cream cone for bhabi while drinking coffee for himself. He watched Savita bhabi as she enjoyed her ice-cream like a little girl. Innocently swirling her tongue around the cone, licking the melting white drops off of it.
Anil felt his dick ache a little. Savita realized how her dewar had been staring but she didn’t stop. She looked him in his eyes while taking a soft lick at the cone. It made Anil hard and he excused himself pretending to answer an urgent call while he walked to the bathroom. He needed to get normal.
They both returned home. He was still stuck with that image of his bhabi licking the ice cream cone. Anil and his elder brother Varun sat at the table as Savita brought freshly popped popcorn for them since it was Sunday tomorrow and they planned on watching a movie together.
They all turned off the lights, fully in the mood for enjoying the movie. Varun, tired, dozed off while Savita bhabi and her dewar kept up watching the movie.

Grabbing her breast

Lost in the movie Anil moved his hand to grab popcorn from the bowl which Savita was holding, mistakenly he grabbed her breast. Savita felt her body shake at the sudden touch. Flushed with shame Anil let go but he saw his bhabi smile.
Anil went to sleep. He felt lips running down his chest. To his surprise it was his bhabi. She placed a finger on his lips ordering him to stay quiet as she slowly let her pallu fall down, she had no blouse on. Her breasts welcomed him.
He held her breasts in his hands. They were huge, failing to fit in his hands. He slowly blew on her nipples making them hard. She looked at him with eyes full of lust. He slowly licked her nipple in circles sending pleasure down her body. She moaned as Anil softly sucked on her hard nipples. This dewar bhabi sexual encounter made him instantly hard.
Savita moaned as her dewar kept sucking on her breasts. Her hand moved down and inside his trouser, feeling his hard dick made her horny. She slowly started massaging him with her hand realizing how long and hard he is all she wanted was to feel him inside her throbbing pussy which was now wet from the magic of his mouth on her breasts.
Anil felt her grip on his dick. He undid his pants and took off her sari. The night was young and so were their desires to have each other. Bhabi saw her dewar naked with an erection, she got on her knees. Holding his dick she licked it like an ice cream cone. Drooling all over it, making it wet and messy, she sucked it a little. Bhabi heard her dewar moan a little as she took him more inside her mouth making him feel her wet slippery tongue moving around his dick length.

Her Cushioned Breasts

Savita felt like a slut. She held his dick between her breasts. Anil lost all control feeling his dick cushioned by her huge firm breasts. Bhabi moved her breasts along his dick. His dick felt like exploding. She massaged his dick between her breasts making this dewar bhabi sexual encounter irresistible. She moved her breasts along his dick as he moaned louder, finally ejaculating all over her breasts.

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Savita got up giving her dewar a naughty smile as she walked away naked. Anil stared at her soft ass till she walked out of his room.
Next day, the family planned on going for a picnic. Savita prepared a basket full of goodies. She dressed herself in a long skirt with a shirt tucked in, displaying her body prominently. The image of her breasts covered in his cum kept his mind occupied all day. Her round ass was in his eyes, he wanted to fill her as well.
Anil saw how charming his bhabi was yet his brother didn’t treat her with the love she deserved. If she was her wife he wouldn’t leave her for a second. She was perfect, so good at everything.
Varun at times sounded rude and loud. Anil tried to talk some sense into his brother. Over the days Varun did change in behaviour. From being helpful around the house to bringing her flowers on his way back home. He showed her that he cared and it was all because of Anil.
Where as in his absence Anil would sneak up behind his bhabi at times spanking her butt to grabbing her breast but nothing serious could happen as there was a maid cleaning around.
After dinner, Anil was watching a movie and Savita went to shower before changing into her night suit. Varun said goodnight to Anil while smiling. Anil knew his brother was going to have sex. He couldn’t keep normal thinking again about her body. While going to his room he passed by their bedroom and heard moans of pleasure.
Anil spent the night imagining his bhabi. How her breasts felt around his dick and how her vagina would feel. His desires grew as he kept dreaming about her.

Dewar Bhabi Alone

Varun had to go for a one day trip out of the city. Savita and Anil were alone. As the evening time grew near and the maid went home they were finally alone having the entire apartment to themselves.
Savita was almost done with her work when she felt her dewar hug her from behind. She turned back and Anil started kissing her passionately. He did not have the patience to take it to the bedroom. He wanted her there. Removing her pallu from her shoulder he started digging his lips in her neck.
The sudden move turned his bhabi on. Removing clothes off of each other’s body was intense. His eyes craved her naked body. Her breasts out in the open seemed even bigger than usual. He massaged them while licking her earlobe. This was a new sensation for his bhabi. Nibbling on her earlobe and licking her neck made her feel wet already. He moved down to her breasts. Sucking on to her breasts leaving behind a trail of love bites.
Her nipples were erect. As the dewar started licking around moans escaped from her mouth. Bhabi wanted him more. He sucked on them hard this time. Making every next suckle more intense.
Anil picked his bhabi up, placing her on the kitchen table. He opened her legs to see her love hole. He had craved this sight too long. His bhabi was wet from the foreplay and now he wanted to taste her. He kissed her inner thigh, softly breathing on her vagina. Savita wanted her dewar to fuck her hard on the kitchen table. Anil, with his hand , spread her vagina, softly licking her.
He loved her taste. With every lick came a moan. As Savita forced his head closer to her vagina. Her love hole craved to be entered. Anil played with her love hole, entering his tongue and teasing her. He massaged her breast with one hand and with the other he entered his finger inside. Bhabi felt his finger do deep but it wasn’t enough.
“I want your dick Anil, fuck me already” she begged as he kept sucking on her vagina while fingering her.
He got up, positioning himself between her. He moved his dick over his bhabis vagina. Making his dick wet with her moisture. He moved the tip over her teasing her move. With one jerk he entered her. Savita wrapped her legs around her dewar. She felt his dick go deeper. Anil started kissing her breasts once again while moving inside her. 7
Her vagina was soft and tight around his thick dick. He moaned as he went in further gaining more pace. She moaned out loud feeling him. Her moans made him go wild. He started kissing her lips as he fucked her more. Their dewar and bhabi sexual encounter got wild as Anil fucked her on the kitchen table. He finally ejaculated inside his bhabi. Savita felt his warm cum filling her love hole.
They were breathless by the time they finished. They still had the entire night to themselves with more things to do to each other.

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