Hot Single Sexy Mother And The Boss

Arina felt many eyes following her as she walked down the corridor of her new office building. She was a hot single sexy mother and she knew her body was the center of attention everywhere. No matter what she wore, no garment could hide her well developed breasts and her bouncy ass. It was genetic. Without ever going to the gym she only gained weight at the right places leaving her tummy all slim and giving her body amazing curves.
She was a hot single sexy mother who had been working to help her son through his studies. They had recently moved to a new city and Arina was looking for a new job. With her experience and qualification it was not much of a problem.
It had been a few days since the hot single sexy mother and her son had moved to the city and she had already been called for an interview. Excited for the new job, she went shopping with her friend for a new outfit she wanted to wear to her interview.
Along with the interview call she had gotten strict instructions on what to wear since it was a multi international company they had a specific dress code which was plain dress pants with a business suit jacket.
Arina never in her life had ever worn a dress pant mostly because of her physique. Being a single mother that too with an extremely hot body she never wanted to gain the wrong kind of attention.
Standing in the changing room, Arina looked at herself in the mirror. The black dress pant along with the white formal shirt tucked in, made her look like a completely different person. She felt shy of her reflection in the mirror, failing to recognize herself as she looked too modern.
The tight pants fitted well around her legs making her round ass pop out while her breasts failed to be kept inside the button down shirt. Her nipples were nearly visible through the fabric which she covered over by her suit jacket.
Arina felt uneasy as she walked down the hall. The lobby was filled with people who had been selected for the interview. A little panic occurred when she noticed there were people younger than her with almost the same experience.
The people who were finished with their interview conveyed that the person taking the interview was fairly young for his post as he managed this entire branch by himself.
‘I have no chance against these young beautiful girls, ‘ thought Arina to herself as the girl before her walked out of the room. Next was Arina.
Zarim felt thirsty as he looked at the files in front of his desk. Still so many left to interview. He told his secretary at the desk to call for a tea break as he stretched his legs, resting them on the table.
It had been a long day, he stared out at the autumn trees outside while taking out his mobile phone. He had so many text messages and barely any time to reply.
His assistant brought in a cup of tea for him as he sat there scrolling through his phone. While sipping his coffee he went through his texts. He was a rich young guy and also good in looks. So many girls wanted to be with him, his inbox was full of nudes, some great ones while others of no use.
Zarim liked girls with experience, where he had to relax and not teach, both at work and in bed. He felt the need to readjust himself as his dick got a little hard while going through some of the nudes he liked. He had an enormous sex appetite but he was pretty much specific about the kind of ladies he liked.
Arina waited outside impatiently for her turn as the tea break was over and she got up to walk in.
Zarim waited for her. Arina entered inside with confidence.
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‘Sit down please’ requested Zarim as she walked in closer.
Zarim saw her walk in with an attitude he liked seeing in ladies. He noticed she was older than previous girls but better at looks. She had big dark green eyes with light pink lips and a smile that showed her caring nature.
Even though Zarim tried not to look, he could not help but notice her body. Her legs were nicely shaped and her breasts seemed huge. She was a hot lady. Zarim knew it was very inappropriate hence he started with the interview to overcome the awkward silence.
Reading her file he knew she was a single mother. A hot single sexy mother. It somehow turned him on.
“why do you need this job?” he asked Arina.
“I have a son, my husband didn’t leave much for us and I have to support us” said Arina.
From her outlook, she didn’t seem that needy but Zarim felt she was telling the truth.
Zarim wanted to prolong the interview but there were others waiting. He wrapped up the interview finally thanking her for coming.
“Hope to see you in the final interview” he said to Arina as she got up. With a smile she walked out as Zarim stared at her amazing ass again. He felt many desires he knew how to fulfill.
She wasn’t the kind of lady a guy could easily forget and so was Zarim, the kind of guy who used to leave a heavy impression.
Arina liked Zarim. She had always admired guys with power and confidence.
Her son was staying at her friend’s place with his friend for a movie night. The house was covered in silence and she felt alone plus horny.
She had her meal and went to her room. She was changing when her phone beeped. It was from the office saying that she had been called for the final interview tomorrow.
Arina woke up early, wanting to look extra well today she worked out a little. She couldn’t seem to get his face out of her mind. Her concern for getting the job kept her worried as she saw the huge number of bills she had to pay. Arina wondered if Zarim would still remember her and actually consider her for the job.
Zarim had a lot to do yet he couldn’t focus. All he wanted was to talk again to the hot single sexy mother. Hence he had only called her today for the interview, he had other plans in mind.
Arina ordered a taxi to the workplace hoping it wouldn’t add up a lot since she was running out of cash. She walked into the office hoping to see familiar faces from last day but to her surprise she was alone.
Zarim was waiting for her. He had asked the secretary to let her in as soon as she arrives and to not disturb them until told. Arina went in.
“come in, I have been waiting for you” said Zarim as Arina walked in and sat down. Arina felt concerned. What if she didn’t get the job ?? How will she fulfil all needs?? So many thoughts crossed her mind.
“How willing are you to do everything that has been told?” asked Zarim in his strong confident sexy voice.
“Everything sir, I will do as told” replied the hot single sexy mother.
Zarim walked over to her with a file.
“ this can be yours. It’s for an even better post Aria hence with many privileges but only if you say yes to everything “ said Zarim while handing over the file to her.
Arina went through the file and the package was extraordinary.
“I accept it all sir” said Arina instantly. With that said, Zarim stood up while taking off his coat. Arina stared at his broad chest visible in his tight shirt.
While loosening his tie around, he walked to her.
Zarim walked up to her, “you have experience which I like” he said while opening his zipper. Zarim had been hard since the moment Arina had walked in. His hard tool ached to be out in the open.
Arina stared as Zarim stood in front of her with his hard dick out.
“Show me your experience and the job is yours” he said.
With her heart beating fast and her hand trembling, Arina held his dick in her hand. It had been long since she had touched a man. It somehow felt good. Arina knew she had to make him happy if she wanted that job.
She started moving her hand over his dick gently while she opened her shirt for him. Her breasts were huge and the moment she opened her shirt they popped out. She felt Zarim getting harder as he took her breasts out of her bra. The nipples were well formed and ready, to his surprise, all erect.
Arina felt horny as her mouth watered more to taste his dick. She licked it all over as she stared in his eyes. Zarim hadn’t seen such a horny hot sexy lady before. Arina took his hard dick in her mouth while sucking the tip. She massaged his balls along with swirling her tongue around his dick. He felt her tongue moving over his hard dick. His dick throbbed.
The hot single sexy mother took his dick deep in her mouth, her moist tongue rubbed over his hard dick. He felt the back of her throat as his dick chocked her. Zarim felt as if he would cum any time. The blowjob was amazing. She moved her mouth over his dick like an expert making him feel every bit of her wet, slippery mouth.
She massaged his dick along with sucking it. It was a heavenly combination. Zarim moaned with pleasure. He felt like cumming but to his surprise she stopped. Moving the tip of his dick over her nipples. Leaving traces of precum over the erect nipples.
The hot single sexy mother massaged his wet dick between her huge breasts. She moved the dick in between while licking the tip. Zarim lost all control. Arina would stop for a while taking his dick deep in her mouth and then would continue moving the dick between her breasts.
Zarim pinched her nipples hard as he felt he would explode any time. He held his dick in his hand, moving the tip over her lips as he pushed it deep in her throat. Zarim held the hot single sexy mother by her hair while fucking her mouth deep making her choke as he filled her mouth with his cum. The hot single sexy mother gulped it down smiling at Zarim.
Zarim rested back on the chair as he signed the papers. The job was hers.

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