Kama Sutra – Story of an unsatisfied queen

“Farewell my love, I hope I’ll see you soon.” And Maharaja set off. Maharaja as in Maharaja Dileep Singh. King of Raghavendranagar. And his beautiful queen, Chandravati stood there, shedding tears. Her life was really awful. Maharaja was a good person with a kind heart, but he could not please her physically. She was not satisfied and this brought distance between them. Everyday, Chandravati sees a tall, handsome man practicing for wars and teaching other soldiers how to fight a war with a sword. She always had an attraction for him. She saw sweat drops, dripping from his forehead. She wanted to pull him close, wipe those sweat drops with her own hand and let him rest on her heavy and soft chest. She knew Kama Sutra. She had every single perfect definition of Beauty Goddess. She was delicate, feminine, romantic and scarily intelligent. She had full lips, high forehead, broad face, small chin, small nose, short and narrow jaw, high cheekbones, clear and smooth skin, and wide-set eyes. She was the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen. General Bikram was attracted to her since the first day she saw her. Her wavy body, her glittery eyes always beckoned him. Her body aroused every single man in the kingdom, but everyone respected her. But in her miserable life, there was no drop of pleasure. Maharaja Dileep Singh also used to get aroused by her looks, especially when she returned from bath. Her wet hair, her glowing skin, tall fair legs and her cleavage.. everything was just perfect. She was the best wife for him. But fate didn’t help him out. Every time they tried to get intimate, he reached his climax after a few seconds. They both were really unhappy with their sex life.They didn’t even have kids for King’s failure. Chandravati’s youth was being wasted everyday, she imagined some guy with a big dick, and tried to satisfy herself. But that didn’t work. King was ashamed of himself. Chandravati advised him to consult with his Raj Vaidya (The Royal Physician), but out of shame, he could not. Days passed. Sun rose, birds kept chirping, kids were playing in the fields. Chandravati looked at them, and wished to have one. But she knew the King was unable to do that… So he left, out of misery. It’s been too long since she didn’t get pleased, she always wanted General’s dick inside her. But she wasn’t sure if he wanted the same. Days passed, her life became more miserable. She spent her alone days, wasting her youth.Tears filled her eyes.. “Raanima, please don’t cry, tears don’t suit you.” She saw a man, offering his handkerchief. It was General Bikram Singh. “What are you doing here? No one comes here, don’t you know?” Chandravati said. But she became really happy to see him. “I’ve received a letter from Maharaja, he said if you wanted something from abroad, let him know.” He said. “I see.” She exhaled. “Well, tell him to come back stronger, having enough power to make her wife happy.” “Whatever you say, Raanima.” He said politely . He understood what she meant. She was really unhappy and wanted a hot steamy body in bed hugging her tightly in bed. Chandravati saw him leave from her window. She was sad, but General Bikram Singh’s toned body, and his wide masculine chest, his voice his wonderful symmetrical face left her aroused. He had a aquiline nose, sharp jawline and high cheek bones.He had brown dark eyes that could make a brown lady fall for him. Also,he has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel. With a height like 6ft,he was indeed manly. His muscular body and sharp jawline like a knife,were cherry on the cake.He got used to The sudden pause in a person’s natural expressions when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. Ofcourse, the blush that accompanied it was a dead give away. He was handsome from the depth of his yes to the gentle expressions of his voice. Moreover everything, he was the man every woman wanted. She wanted someone just like him. He was handsome from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expressions of his voice. One day, she returned from her bath. She was wiping off the water from her body. The door was unlocked as she forgot. All of a sudden, General Bikram Singh comes in and sees her naked. General immediately turned, feeling embarrassed and ashamed he said,”I’m really very sorry for my behavior Raanima, I didn’t mean to come in like this, but I had to give you this news.. I better go right now. I’m really sorry…” He was about to leave, but Chandravati got whimsical. “No no, don’t go!!!” She exclaimed. “So what you’ve seen me naked, it wasn’t your fault, tell me what you came for!!” “I got a letter from Maharaja, he wrote that he won’t be returning for a week. I thought I should tell you that… I’m sorry Raanima.” She said, “Ah, Bikram ji, why are you apologizing? I’m not feeling good about that.. but if you really feel regret would you do whatever I say?” “Yes, anything”, he said. – “Then turn around” – “What? Why would you want that Raanima?” – “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it! I can sense you wanna see me naked, you wanna feel my chest upon yours, you wanna bite my lips..” – “I respect you Raanima, I’ve always respected you, you’re our Maharani, I can’t do this. – Okay then, tell me you’re not attracted to me and I won’t show my face ever. – If you want me to be honest, Raanima, I have always been attracted to you. Always. Your youth, your beauty always, always pulled me towards you. But you are our Maharani. I am a sinner that I have looked at you in that way. – My life is drowning in darkness. I have no happiness. You are the only one who is able to make me happy. Deep down, you want it too. Don’t you? – Raanima, to be honest, I really really want you in my arms. I have always dreamt of you. – Then why are you standing there, am I looking that horrible? You don’t even want to look at me now? Please pull me out of this sorrow, please don’t let me grieve anymore. I beg you. – Raanima, you would never look horrible. You’re the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. But.. – What? Why are you so confused? Do you want me to sink in this sea of sorrowness forever? He didn’t want that, he has always wanted this. He paused for a minute, made up his mind and.. He turned and hugged her, “I don’t know if this is right, but I’m not gonna waste this opportunity.” And he started kissing her. “Now that’s something I wanted”, she said. “I’ve been longing to get you in my arms, I wanted to touch you like this…” and all of a sudden he put his hand around her waist lightly and her heartbeat skipped. They started off dressed and kissing, “I knew it, you are more mischievous than you look Bikram.” She laughs with a horny look.. Her youth, her sexiness was dripping off her body, Bikram enjoyed looking at her. And soon she moved to unbuttoning his clothes, she undoing his cloth and pulled over his shirt before their mouths met again. Her cute little tits goose pimples in the slightly cool air; she wasn’t wearing clothes. He wanted to feel every inch of her body. The gentle touch of his hand was so warm and nice that she just held her breath. He made her turn to him and brushed her hair off her face, nicely tucking them behind her ear. “Ah, you are so good Bikram, I want you..” He made her shiver. She was nervously looking down maybe he could feel her tremble. He moved his face closer to hers, tilted his head a little lightly and touched her lips with his, he then looked at her and she closed her eyes and raised her face signaling him to kiss her. “Come on Bikram, let’s not waste time anymore. Come on, fill me with joy!” She said while shaking. “I won’t spare a single drop of sorrow in you Chandra.” He then hugged her and kissed her tightly, he sucked her lips, they rolled their tongues, he was moving his hand on her back and raanima was loving it, now they both wanted each other badly. “Kiss me Bikram, ahh, mmhh”, she moaned. He felt her moans. He told her to moan louder. “Yeah, I’ve waited long to hear that, girl, come on.” He then kissed Chandravati sensuously.He started to move her hair from her neck again. They both were getting aroused highly. It was very romantic. She felt good. She felt a sheer connection. She could feel General Bikram’s breath on her neck, and the general moved his fingers on her collar bone softly and he kissed her neck. Which made her wet. She took his hand and placed it on her breast ,he pressed it and she hugged him harder . After that,he put his hand on her waist ,giving her a chilling vibration through her bones. She was already naked so,there was no need to remove her clothes. He touched her vagina with a gentle touch. Thus,he got to know that she was wet enough. They fell on the bed kissing. Chandravati moaned louder. She was not able to talk as she was trembling orgasm. Chandravati put her hand in his arms so she could feel his tight muscles. She kissed and kissed all over his body, she finally saw his muscular body, she was amazed by the sight. He was looking so strong that she could not wait to feel his penis pounding her vagina. He moved his hand all over her body he then lied down beside her and rolled her, he started licking her back down till her waist. “You’re so beautiful, ah god!’ he exclaimed. She clutched the bed sheets, then he turned her up and kissed her boobs gently and eventually sucked her boobs. He was pressing them, licking them and biting her nipples, then he moved down and started licking her thighs. He was moving up towards her vagina, now he placed his mouth on her hairless vagina and sucked it. She moaned ,her breath was trembling, he rolled his tongue on her clit. She was absolutely going numb from pleasure; he put his tongue deep inside her as if he wanted to lick her dry. She was shaking from pleasure. Her vagina was shaking,her whole body was shaking and she came. He wasted no time and licked it all, and then he put his finger inside her one by one and then he moved two of his fingers inside her and licked her clit as well. “I feel awesome, Bikram. I feel terrific. Ahhh god!!!” She screamed in pleasure. The whole feeling was magnificent and outstanding. She was shouting and moaning but he didn’t leave her and after she had come thrice he let her relax. Raanima soon moved down and pulled off his bottom. Now she could see his hot 8″ rod all erect and hard and bloated, she kissed it gently. He just laid there watching her. She licked his inner thighs up to his penis . She took his dick in her hand and wrapped her warm tongue around it. Now, she took it in her mouth. It was so big it almost choked her. She started stroking it with her hand and started sucking it , he was grabbing her hair. This is the time when he realized how beautifully bold and sexy she is. She pressed her tongue on the tip of his penis and started stroking his penis harder finally he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all . He then gently pushed her legs apart and placed his dick on her vagina . He started hitting her vagina with his dick slowly. She asked him to put her dick into her vagina, therefore, he put his dick inside her and she shrieked with pain. He stopped leaned forward, smooched her, licked her lips, bit her lips gently and slowly pushed his dick inside her. It was indeed painful but she did not want him to stop . After sometime all the pain was gone and she was enjoying having him inside her. She unknowingly shouted for more. He increased his speed and she wanted him more and more. Unknowingly, she was asking him to pound her harder and harder. Raanima was moaning and shouting for more and finally she got that heavenly feeling and they came together. They just laid down in that position with their bodies sticking together tightly. She could feel him deep inside her, they were breathing heavily, their breaths were clashing with each other, sweating his sweat trickling down on her ,their eyes closed lost in the moment and suddenly they both opened their eyes at the same time, staring right into each other. She saw love instead of lust. That is the moment when they felt, as if they both were just two bodies with one soul and they did not want it to end ever. After the best sex she ever had, she got tired, but she didn’t want him to leave. She said, “Bikram, Maharaja is unable to satisfy me, I would not ever get pregnant with him. That’s why I was sad and I guess he left for treatment. But, Oh! Bikram, your precious smile, your eyes, your body just make me insane, I don’t want this to end. We will make love every day and night till he returns.” -“Chandra, I’ve wanted you from the very first day I saw you. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman whose beauty waved electricity all over my body, today I’m the happiest, I’ve kissed every inch of your body, I love every single part of you. I promise you, no one will ever get to know.” “Oh Chandra! If our maharaja catches us, it would be problematic at a great extent for both of us”. “Raanima, please don’t worry, sorrow does not suit you, as long as I live, nothing will happen to you ,to us”. Their conversation continued. They both could feel their urges and lust growing for each other day by day. General often used to take his raanima, whom he adored with all his heart, to her favorite destinations. Sometimes it would be mountains, seas, or sometimes it would be lakeside. There was a place, which was adored by them both, a lakeside. They would go there, hold hands, make love to each other. One day, a sorrowful news came of the Maharaja’s death. Soldiers said, maharaja was taking rest in a jungle when some soldiers of the enemy attacked him. He was immediately dead. Everybody was devastated and so was raanima. She had her support system bikram with her to give her condolences. As years went by, they started to live together. Everyday was like a dream for them. They lived happily ever after and kept enjoying each other’s company at a great extent.

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