Medical Checkup Turns Intimate

Dr.Maila sat in her office, reading a book titled “ Doctor patient ethics”. She looked at her reflection in the back mirror, smiling at her looks. Knowing well she was a beauty. Her hazel eyes were bright as a shooting star with rosy cheeks and red lips which she liked to cover with an even brighter red lipstick. She tied her hair in a bun with loose strands flowing down her face. Even in her white coat her body looked alluring. Her dress slightly revealing her cleavage, she owned round D cups and a soft cushioned ass.
“should I send in the next patient Dr.Maila?” asked her assistant through the intercom phone. “yes please” she replied.
Sami entered the room with a file in his hand. He looked around the office. It was a fairly spacious room with the main desk on one wall, a book shelf filled with huge numbers along with a sofa set in the mid. A mirror on the back and a window at the front.
Maila stared at Sami as he walked up to her. He was a tall guy, fairly good skin, broad shoulders, thick black hair with dark brown eyes. The dimple on his cheek made him extra charming. Doctor Maila smiled as her patient sat down on the stool besides her.
“I have a constant headache which I can’t get rid of” complained Sami as he handed over the file to her which contained all his tests results and previous check-ups. As Maila scanned through the file, Sami checked her out. She was a hot doctor none like he had seen before. The cleavage through her doctor’s coat made Sami stare.
“I went through your history, let me prescribe you a set of medicine and it might help. Seems like its tension type headache. Nothing to worry about” she told Sami while writing down some medicine.
Sami got up with his file. He had such amazing muscles, Maila didn’t want him to leave. “In case you need help, here’s my personal number” said Maila while handing him over her card. She had a sexy look in her eyes which Sami couldn’t resist. “thank you so much doctor Maila” he replied while taking the card. “Just Maila would be fine” she said with a smile. Smiling back Sami left.
Sami had been with women before but beauty with brains was a huge turn on for him. That confidence took his breath out. Doctor Maila was exotic. Her voice was like honey to his ears. Those red lips seemed so juicy and full of taste.
Maila went home a bit early. As much as she liked keeping a good doctor patient relationship, she couldn’t help herself today. Her patient was so handsome and strong. All she wanted was him to hold her and have his way with her. That is all she dreamed about that night whereas Sami himself couldn’t concentrate on work. Thoughts of Maila kept his mind elsewhere along with the book he saw on her table “doctor patient ethics”.
Lying in bed, Sami took his phone out. Checking his WhatsApp contacts to see if he could get a glimpse of the beauty he had seen earlier. A wave of pleasure went down his body as he opened her profile picture.
Standing there in a pink sari with her blouse barely covering her round melons. The cleavage so clear and deep, he wanted to dive right in. The pallu was a thin fabric over her tiny waist, revealing her belly button. Sami felt his dick rise up. Her hair was open running down her body like a stream of water. He wanted to call her but it was late. Turning off his phone he tried to sleep.
“Doctor patient ethics suck” thought Maila to herself as she sat in her office sipping coffee and going through the book. Her phone rang. “hello this is doctor Maila, who is this?” she asked while picking up the call. “Hey, it’s me. Your patient with the headache” replied a voice, strong but gentle with mild shyness.
Maila knew instantly who it was.
“It’s Sami, do you remember?” asked Sami.
“of course I do. How are you? Did my prescription help?” she asked.
“It did help me. It’s better. I just wanted to thank you for healing me” he replied.
“ Can I take you out for a coffee if that’s okay with you” he asked.
Maila felt a rush of feelings inside her. She wanted so badly to say yes but her profession told her otherwise. That bool stared back at her as if taunting her over her desires.
“I am glad it helped. I have some work but thank you for the offer” she said.
The day went fine but slow since both couldn’t stop thinking about each other. As Sami got in bed cursing himself for offering her coffee, his phone beeped. It was a text message. A message from Doctor Maila.
“doctor patient ethics…. cant go out with a patient. Sorry.” Read the message. Smiling Sami replied “sad, will have to wait till I am no longer your patient. See you soon”. The doctor and patient spent the rest of the night flirting a little on texts. Their chemistry grew as both knew there was a strong sexual atmosphere between them.
Maila dreamed about Sami all night. She woke up horny. Failing to control her desires, she ended up calling Sami. “i have to check you if the medicine is working fine and you have no side effect, please visit when available” said Maila on the phone. Sami took his day off to visit the doctor concerned maybe it actually was an important check up.
He entered the room where Maila was waiting. She got up to greet him as if they had known each other their entire life. By the wall was a curtain behind which there was a nursing bed for patients to be examined.
Maila asked Sami to sit on the bed. As Sami sat down a little concerned about the checkup, doctor Maila came close with a stethoscope around her neck. She had worn an even more revealing dress today. Her cushioned boobs prominently exposed. Sami couldn’t keep his stare away.
Maila took out the stethoscope examining his chest sounds. Holding his hand she checked for his pulse. Her bright red lipstick and the cleavage made Sami hard which was very much visible. Maila looked directly at his bulge with a grin.
“I have noticed a side effect,” she said, placing her hand over the bulge. Sami couldn’t believe what just happened. “does this happen daily” she asked in a seductive voice while looking into his eyes with her hand still over his hardness. The confidence in her voice made Sami even harder. His dick felt heavy.
Maila loved teasing men. She asked him to take his pants down. Sami was confused if it was because she wanted him naked or if it had something to do with the medicine. Maila was surprised at his size. She asked him to lie down for a proper checkup. As Sami got down he felt her holding his dick in her hand.

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What started as a checkup started getting intense. Maila loved how it was making Sami nervous yet he was hard. She moved her hand over his chest. His body muscles all strong made her sex drive go crazy. She felt animalistic. Sami looked at Maila as if he understood.
Their moment was interrupted by her assistant who knocked to inform her about an urgent appointment. As Sami got up he couldn’t resist her lips. He held her close while with his arm around her waist. She felt his dick pressing against her. While breathing in her scent he asked “will I have to revisit for a checkup or am I no longer your patient?”. Maila felt his warm breath on her neck sending butterflies down her body. “No, you are free to go,” she replied.
With that answer Sami kissed her lips gently. It was a sudden move. Maila kissed him back, their lips still together. She wanted more but there was no time. As he moved back, he said “see you tonight” and left.
Maila couldn’t help but smile all day long. Once again she left early to get ready. Sami had texted her asking for her address as he wanted to take her out himself like a gentleman.
As Sami got to her house, he waited outside for her. Maila came out, dressed in a black silk sari. Sami for a while forgot if the world existed. Her body looked like a gift from heaven on earth. Such perfection in one lady was beyond his understanding. The sari covered her body displaying her amazing assets, her blouse covered nothing more than her nipples with a string around her back. She was a hot doctor.
Sami opened the car door for her, letting her in. They drove to a fancy restaurant. The couple was exotic, making people turn to see them. His looks and body along with her seductive appearance made everyone envy them. Throughout the dinner they kept teasing each, Maila randomly showing him more of her cleavage, her nipples clearly erect and visible through the fabric of her blouse.
Sami couldn’t wait anymore. They skipped dessert to get home as soon as possible.
They were at Mailas place. She invited him in for tea. As the door closed behind, Sami took Maila in his arms. Too difficult to resist anymore. Locking his lips to her, he pressed her against the wall. Locking her hands with his. Inhaling her body he took her lips, sipping them as if he had been thirsty for ever.
Maila started kissing him back. Their lips in perfect synchronization. She opened his shirt as he held her still by the wall kissing her like a wild animal. Sami undid her sari, letting it fall down. He pressed himself on her, their bodies together, feeling her boobs through her blouse.
Leaving her lips, he moved down, tracing her body with his lips. Moving from her jaw to her neck, her collarbone down to her boobs. He gently bit her nipple from above her blouse. Light moans escaped. It was time to let her boobs out. He undid her blouse, watching her boobs bounce out for him, instantly kissing them. He left marks all over her boobs as if marking them. Sucking on to her boobs he took off his pants, wanting his tool out.
Hungry for his dick, Maila raised her leg wanting to feel his against her vagina. Sami knew she wanted him. He held her in his arms as she locked her legs around him, taking her to the bedroom.
Maila couldn’t wait anymore. ‘fuck me’ she ordered. He loved her commanding nature. Getting over her, he pressed his dick against her vagina, feeling it all wet. He rubbed himself against her as he continued kissing her.
The torture was pure evil. Maila moaned as the tip of his dick touched her entrance but slipped away. Losing control Maila rolled him over, getting on top of him. “You are a bad patient Mr Sami” she said while sliding his dick inside her as she sat on top of him.
Their doctor patient relationship turned wild as he felt her soft vagina slide down over his hard dick, his eyes wide opening with pleasure. Maila started riding him. Moving slowly, gradually gaining pace as Sami moaned. She knew how to have her way. Her vagina tightening more around his dick as they moaned. Her boons giggled as she moved up and down his dick.
“cum for me” she ordered. Sami had never been with a girl like her.
He moaned more as he finished inside her, filling her well.
Their lips met again as they smiled at each other.

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