Pakistani & Indian Urdu Sex Stories | Servant Fucks my cousin in front of me

This Pakistani & Indian Urdu Sex Story is about my 21-year-old cousin sister.

My sister and me lived in the exact same flat for more then a year, while we were at the same college in another state. It was great fun. I also had some really strange sex experiences. I felt more like a cuckold.

My sister Ritika, is very beautiful. She is very beautiful with a milky white, super smooth skin and a curvy body. Shenzall Gill could be described as her TV role model. My sister is more chubby than her. She has thick thighs, and very large buttocks. She is so attractive in a backless dress that people will stare at her body.

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My sister usually wears t-shirts at the house. So I am able to see her belly curves, cleavage, navel, and stomach. These are things that I would ignore. I was always cautious and concerned about my feelings. So I never thought of seducing my sister.

Because we had to live together, we shared a flat. The maid cooked and cleaned for us. We stopped calling the maid last year because of the lockdown. My cousin’s parents were worried so they decided to arrange domestic help for her. These Covid times were difficult for anyone.

Arun, a thirty-year-old boy was introduced to us. Arun worked as a cleaner in a gym and knew how to cook. He stood at 5′ 6″ and was quite short. However, he was a muscular man with dark skin. At first, I was quite worried about his eyes. But, eventually, I decided to let him have me until things get normal.

My cousin and I shared one BHK flat. We slept in our hall while my cousin slept downstairs in the bedroom. The hall was big enough to accommodate a temporary mattress. As the years passed, we remained mostly at home with no friends. The two of us, Arun and I were the only ones who could do it.

My sister was very busy but she continued to do her yoga or go to the gym. Arun, my sister’s boyfriend, entered my room and went straight to her bathroom. When I heard my sister suddenly shout, I went to check and saw her running into the room.

I shouted at him. Arun explained, then we let him go.

One day, I was watching interracial porn. They were big black dicks and fucked white chicks like prostitutes. I found this porn much more enjoyable. It was intense and raw. I stopped liking white porn. I was astonished to see a bull hump a soft, bubbly, and white ass. It looked amazing and so hardcore.

I found cuckold porn with African bulls and saw how they were having fucked American wives. It was hot and taboo at the same moment. After that, I continued to eat only porn videos. It was incredible.

Arun and I got to know each others better at the end of April, which was nearly a month ago when Arun started working with us. We learnt more about him. While he lived in Chandigarh where he worked in gyms for the last ten years, a Telangana resident, he also belonged to that state. He was a great cook, and my sister enjoyed his meals.

Arun would often look at my sister when she was doing yoga. Without any reason, he would always follow her. I thought he was doubting me without a reason. One day, while I was making tea for my sister, I noticed that he was constantly staring at her waist.

She was wearing a black tshirt and pajamas. I ignored it again. I ignored it again and went to sleep. But, this time, I decided to watch porn.

Arun used the opposite end of the hall to sleep. It was about 12:45. I thought that everyone was asleep. So, I started shagging off slowly. I sat down and listened for about 10 minutes to the porn. Then, I got into a fantasy mood. It was cuckold porn. The porn star looked very much like an Indian girl.

Strange thoughts occurred to me of my cousin in the exact same position with a BBC. I snorted immediately after this thought and finally fell asleep.

One week later, I was again watching the same type of porn after everyone had slept. I was sleeping sideways. I didn’t notice anyone walking towards me. Arun was staring at me, I realized. He was sat on the floor behind my head. I asked him: “What’s the matter?”

He replied, “Bhaiya neend nahi aa raha hai.” (Brother! I am not getting enough sleep). I was both embarrassed and angry. I asked him to go back to sleep. He stated that he cannot sleep. He boldly asked me, “Can I send this porn on my mobile?”

I said that this was impossible as I had not downloaded it. He asked, “Can I see it in your tablet?”

I gave him the tablet and didn’t think about it. After watching the porn, my son was like “This is one of the best porns I have ever seen.” “Where can I find more?” I decided to go to sleep, and I told him that I would inform him the next day.

After that day, I started showing him porn every other days, because he said he needed to relax. He was approximately 7 years younger than me, but he felt more like they were the same age. I didn’t mind and was happy to be with him.

I had been thinking about a strange, wild fantasy for a while. What if Arun had a sex with Ritika my cousin? What would it make me feel? I was blown away by my imagination. I began to enjoy cuckold porn more.

Every time I saw the porn, my cousin sister and I would picture them together. I was so obsessed with it, that I nearly thought of telling my sister. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt both guilty and excited all at once. I could picture Arun being so hot and ready for Ritika to get him fucked.

Arun looked at Ritika one day during her yoga class. I called him back with actions, and he said, “What are we doing?”

Arun replied, “I also have some exercises so I was just going to tell your sister.”

My sister saw this and asked Arun to share some of the things he had done. Arun was delighted. His hidden smile was evident. He ran to Ritika and sat next to her yoga mat and began telling her all about the exercises he knew.

I was feeling a strange rush in my emotions. Although it was the first time I had seen a stranger so close to my sister I was happy nonetheless. Arun was talking with her and touched my sister at different points while telling her about the poses.

Although I found this enjoyable, it was never repeated. Later, I saw Arun and Ritika looking at each other as Ritika was watching a movie together in the hall.

Arun, who was watching porn the night before I started, approached me and asked me to show him clips.

He specifically requested an interracial cuckold. I was surprised by his enthusiasm. I asked him the following question:

Me – Why do your stares at Ritika look so serious?

Arun – Bhaiya, didi bahot sundar hai, toh accha lagta hai dekhna. (Sister is beautiful so I like to look at her.

Me – Tum pagal ho kya (Are you mad?

Arun – Sorry Bhaiya. Sorry mera matlab. Didi toh ek dum heroine hai. (Sorry brother. I meant to say that there aren’t fair and pretty girls in our village.

Me – Stop talking. Bahot Bakwass kar Rahe Ho. (Stop talking nonsense).

Arun – Bhaiya, please porn dikha do. Aaj bahot mood hai. (Brother, please show me porn more today.

Me – Tum so jao. Nahi toh bakwass Karoge (secretly, this was my favorite night).

Arun – Didi ka Koi boyfriend toh. Aap doo toh same college mein.. (Didi should be having a boyfriend.

Me – No. Aajtak toh nahi hai.

Arun – Aur aapki GF?

Me – Tum banhot bol rahe o aj. Chup chapp sao.

Arun – Bhaiya, porn dekha do mujhe.

I was annoyed, so I gave it to him. The next day, he gave it to me and said, “Thank you.” I promised him that I would call him back at night.

After 12 o’clock in the morning, I called him to ask, “What do your taste buds like in this porn?” He said, “The white girls have beautiful skin and are soft-skinned.” I can’t wait for a girl who is like them. I don’t know what it is, but I would be open to having sex conversations with this person.

As the years went by, Arun, my sister and I started to watch TV together. My sister and me decided to buy alcohol while the lockdown was not over. However, the wine shops were open. Arun was able to find whatever we wanted, so we paid 3000 rupees. He returned an hour later with 8 beers, one whiskey bottle, and his usual assortment of other beverages.

After dinner, we watched a movie. After having drank more than four beers, my sister became very high and began dancing. She asked me to dance with her and Arun. But I didn’t go. Arun followed her as a dog, and began dancing with her. After about 30 minutes, my sister went to bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep that night so I started watching porn. Arun came along and joined me. He would normally sit next to my bed, but this was the first time he stood near me. I noticed that he was wearing loose pajamas, and his cock was clearly erect. I couldn’t resist looking at him and said to him to control it or leave.

I was instantly mocked by him, saying “It’s natural big.” Not tiny like yours.” I was stunned. I do have a small, feisty cock. He explained to me that he’d seen my cock when I used to shag at nights. He stated, “You must fix your cock. Otherwise, someone else will fuck with your girl.”

I was stunned. I wanted him to scream at me, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to wake up my sister.

Arun – I’m sure you enjoy cuckold-type porn. A man in black is trying to fuck fair girls. If you’d like to see the reality of it, I can assist you.

My face was covered in shame. He mocked me and incited my cuckold emotions. I asked him “How can you help me to see the same?”

He said, “You will need to follow me.” I felt helpless. I wanted to see my handsome, dark-colored cock (BBC), having a fling with my pretty, Punjaban behan Ritika. I nodded and asked how he could help. He reached out to grab my hand and placed it inside his shorts. He told me to continue holding onto it.

OMG! It was the most embarrassing and bizarre moment of my life. I had never held another man’s penis. It was almost like holding a small animal. It was vibrating and wriggling.

His dick seemed so alive. This is something I never imagined. He held onto my wrist, while my penis was still in his hand. I had to stroke his cock before he let me in his pants. I was able to take his cum with me. I raced to the restroom and locked myself inside.

Then, he asked me for my permission to come out and instructed me to follow his instructions. He boldly stated that he wanted Ritika fucked. I was waiting patiently for this moment but I was speechless. I said “No, you don’t go away” and began abusing him.

Then, he said, “I know that your are into cuckold porn. “I will tell my uncle and aunt.” (Ritika’s parents had sent him to us to help us).

I nodded my agreement and went to sleep in the bed that I made.

The next day, he approached me to ask for money to buy alcohol. He went for an hour and purchased alcohol, cigarettes, and more. He told me then that he was going to do whatever he wanted today with my cousin sister. I should not stop him.

He told Ritika that she should play a movie after dinner. After much searching, Ritika was able to perform a Hollywood comedy. He told me in secret to do a movie with sex scenes. I played the American, Pie Reunion.

Ritika asked Arun for the third round of beer. I was also having my third beer.

Arun then followed her and hugged me cousin. She gently pushed him aside. She started to laugh at the film scenes. I was absolutely exhausted. It was like a dark, long night. It would have been a great relief if it ended without any problems.

Arun lit a match and gave the cigarette to my sister. She eagerly did so. She danced and asked me to join. I could not get up because my head was still spinning. Arun became very passionate. He reached out to my sister and pulled her towards the sofa.

He made my sister lie down on the sofa with him. She was happy to watch the movie with the housekeeper. He was all over my sister’s milky, white breasts. They were prominently visible in her tee shirt.

After about 10-15 minutes, my cousin sister moved into her bedroom. Arun followed her into my sister’s bedroom, where he closed the door. I was unable to get up to look at what was happening. I fell asleep for 10 minutes.

When I woke, I went to visit my cousin sister. She was half-naked. Arun was holding my sister on his lap. He was on top my sister, hugging tightly. Surprisingly she was holding him tightly. She was moaning, trying to get her pussy under his arm.

When I first saw it, I was shocked and horny. I couldn’t decide whether to interrupt the conversation or allow them to continue. I thought it would be a temporary thing so I will just keep watching.

Arun had taken my sister’s loose shirt off, and she was only wearing her jeans shorts. His arms were wrapped around her, and he was nibbling on my sister’s lips. He then saw me and signalled me to not disturb him or go inside the room.

My fantasy was real and it was happening. I was stunned by what I saw. Reality and porn are quite different.

I took deep inhalations and let the night unfold slowly. Arun began to awaken my cousin sister. He continued to lick her neck, mouth, and bite her fleshy shoulders. Ritika seemed to be enjoying the new sensation. He lifted Ritika onto his bed and removed her shorts.

I’d never seen my sister naked before. I could feel goosebumps in her skin. I think she was aroused, too. Arun then licked the entire body of my sister, and I was standing at the corner watching.

Ritika was moaning. Arun gave Ritika between 50-60 love bits and some really difficult ones. Ritika was then presented with his cock. He asked Ritika to hold his cock, and then stroke it. Ritika was reluctant to touch the cock, as it was large and she had never seen one before. However, she began to feel attracted towards the cock and first licked its tip. Later, she was able to swallow half of it. She giddled many times.

I came back to find Arun, lying on the back my sister, ready and waiting for my cousin sister to have a sex. I was surprised that he would have anal with my sister the first night. Oh my, that was one terrifying sight!

Ritika’s entire body began shaking. She kept a pillow underneath her head and was pressing on any hard strokes by Arun. He said to my sister that it was just for one night.

My sister thought that she would love this monster cock. I witnessed my servant inflicting every position on my fair, beautiful cousin throughout the entire night. He must have kissed her about 1000 times that night. I witnessed my sister being face-fucked in front of Arun’s large black cock.

He took my sister’s boobs and began sucking very hard. It almost nearly made them turn red.

My sister started to feel tired but Arun continued to fuck her like a sexy doll. Arun was very hot and his sweat was dripping onto my sister’s belly and face.

It was almost as if he was treating my sister with prostitution. Later, I found out that Arun was also sleeping naked on my sister. She also fell asleep beneath him.

I woke my sister up and asked her to go quietly out of the bedroom. When she refused, he grabbed her by the hand. He then shut the door and locked the doors from within. I couldn’t find anything.

It was 5:05 AM. After a while, I heard my sister and Arun making fucking sounds. It was like my sister was enjoying the fucking. I could only hear her erotic moans.

Arun opened the door around 10 o’clock in the morning. I noticed that my sister was wearing clothes but her hair was messy. She sat down calmly on her bed. She was calmly sitting on the bed and told me not to speak. She didn’t blame us for anything.

My sister was able to fulfill her sexual desire by having a rough time with fucking. Arun assured me that Ritika was fine with all of this. He said to me that this could happen in the future and I should accept it.

I glanced at Ritika and she smiled. Arun was the one I was mad at, but in my heart I saw the interracial porn dream come true in my own life.

Arun started to date Ritika every week. She is now 7-8 kg heavier and more like a young MILF. My sister has also seen a growth in her boobs, and her ass. My cousin sister, now that the lockdown has been lifted has moved to her parent’s house. Arun and I wait for her return.

While he was missing my sister, Arun, I stroke Aruns cock. He also revealed to me a secret: he was in my sister’s pussy the first night. However, she did not get pregnant. He’s now ready to get fucked by my sister or any other female in our family.


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