RolePlay Fantasy Turns Real

This story revolves around Anny and her husband Raj who try a roleplay fantasy which turns real.
Anny just got out of her room already for the dinner party. She was wearing a black silk saree with a tiny blouse, clearly displaying her slim physique and amazing huge assets. The deep neck of her blouse made her cleavage very prominent. She had kept her long silky hair open letting them fall behind her back.
Raj was sitting outside the bedroom watching TV waiting for his wife to get ready. He was wearing a black three piece suit that Anny had picked out for him. Even though he did visit the gym regularly trying to gain muscle, unfortunately he was still slim which many didn’t really like about him.
Raj turned around at the sound of Annie’s high heels clicking on the floor. He got lost in her beauty. Anny had amazingly big eyes, as black as the night sky and puffy red lips. Combined with her face and her body it was very easy to say she was hot, beautiful and extremely sexy.
Raj stood up from the couch walking closer to his beautiful hot wife. “You are looking extremely sexy in this saree my love” whispered Raj into her ear as he kissed her neck softly. As much as he wanted to kiss her lips, he didn’t want to ruin her lipstick.
“As much as I want to take this saree off of you I can’t because we are getting late” he said to his sexy hot wife. “Let’s come back home a bit early. I can’t wait to have you, he told her hot wife. Anny blushed as Raj held her hand and they walked out of their house to attend the party.
Raj worked in a business firm and was at an exceptionally good post. He earned well enough to bring everything that his wife wished on the table. He loved his sexy wife a lot and made sure to keep her happy all the time.
The party was held by the owner of the office, Karan, Who was a very good friend of Raj. Both of them were childhood friends. Karan’s father left him a lot of money to invest in a business firm which became a success due to his hard work. Raj was always by his side and helped him get to where he was today.
Karan wasn’t married at the moment and felt a bit jealous of Raj seeing him extremely happy with his wife. Anny had been to many of their business get-togethers and the entire office staff knew how hot Raj’s wife was.
Karan greeted the couple while walking them to their table. Karan was a really tall and strong guy who occasionally visited the gym with Raj but unlike Raj the gym worked wonders on Karan giving him a nice muscular physique. Anny really admired Karan for his confidence and charming personality which somehow Raj lacked.
Karan couldn’t keep his eyes off of Rajs hot wife. Her breasts were amazing and the high heels made her ass look really prominent. She was indeed the most hot and sexy girl in the entire hall.
Karan joined his best friend Raj and his hot sexy wife at their table for dinner. They all exchanged nice conversation while having dinner. Anny really liked how Karan laughed and talked.
The night was really amazing, the couple enjoyed a lot. Raj was very much excited to get home as he had been feeling horny since they had left for the party.
Anny was always reluctant whenever Raj tried to get closer. It was very difficult for him to turn on his sexy wife. While driving he asked her “do you want to try something different tonight?”
“Like what exactly?” she replied. Anny knew that Raj was in the mood and wanted to have sex with her.
“How about role play” he offered. Raj knew that Anny liked role play games and she had many times mentioned to him about playing role play in bed.

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Anny felt a little excited when she heard the word roleplay. She was a very loyal wife and could never dream about cheating on her husband but roleplay was her fantasy since she could imagine anyone with her.
Raj patiently waited for his hot wife to answer. “Yes sure, let’s try role play tonight” answered Anny. Raj could tell that Anny was feeling excited hence he drove as fast as he could to his apartment.
Once inside their house Raj asked what roleplay she wanted. The image of Karan was still in her mind and she offered “how about Karan?”
Raj felt a bit shocked at the mention of his friend’s name but he could see how excited his sexy wife was about this entire roleplay hence he said okay.
All of a sudden Anny felt as if Raj had completely changed. He changed his posture and expressions, copying exactly how his friend is. Raj could clearly see his wife’s eyes shining.
“hi bhabi is Raj home?” said Raj in a different voice mimicking Karan. Anny felt goosebumps all over her body. “he isn’t home” she replied in a seductive way. Raj came closer to Anny holding her firmly in his hands. “i have always wanted to be alone with you” said Raj as he inhaled her body scent. “Don’t let Raj know what this is,” replied Anny while taking off his shirt.
Raj started kissing her neck softly moving his lips up to hers. Her juicy lips were waiting for him. He started nibbling on to her lips as if he had been hungry for years. Anny kissed him back as she had always wanted to kiss Karan. Their kiss grew fierce. She sucked on to his tongue and Raj knew the role play was turning his sexy wife into a horny slut.
Raj unwrapped her saree. “you have a very sexy body, I have always wanted to fuck you Anny” said Raj while taking off her blouse. Her breasts popped out. “You have always liked my breasts, Karan. Here they are” Anny said to Raj while giggling her breasts for him. It gave Raj an instant erection.
He started kissing her breasts wildly. “I have always wanted to taste you” said Raj while sucking her nipples. Anny moaned as he nibbled on her nipples more. His sexy wife had never been this crazy for him. She took of his pants “fuck me Karan” she ordered Raj while playing with his dick as they went to the bed.
Raj got on top of her. While massaging her breasts he whispered in her ear “this is our secret Anny, don’t tell Raj”. He sucked on her nipples and rubbed his dick between her pussy lips, teasing her more. Anny was moaning out loud. She wrapped her legs around him wanting him inside her.
Roleplay turned his sexy innocent wife into a horny slut as she begged “fuck me Karan”, he entered his hard dick in her wet throbbing pussy. He moved in and out of her filling her deep till he filled her with his cum.
Their session was wild and Raj knew it was all because of Karan. Over the week Raj couldn’t stop thinking about it all and he decided to turn this roleplay real for his sexy wife. Raj discussed it with Anny and she was furious. After a long discussion and understanding her deep desires overtook her and she agreed.
Anny was watching tv at night when Karan visited her. She was in her nighty and wasn’t expecting anyone. Raj opened the door and led Karan in. Karan saw Anny comfortably lying on the sofa watching tv. She noticed Raj and Karan, suddenly getting up confused she tied her nighty which was open from the front.
Raj smiled and left, leaving Karan and his hot wife alone. Anny smiled at Karan as he moved closer to her. Anny remembered how horny she felt in her roleplay and here Karan was actually in front of her.
Karan looked her in the eyes, lost in her beauty, he moved closer while inhaling her fragrance that he has long desired. Anny smiled at him naughtily as he pressed his lips to hers. She felt her body revive. Anny had dreamed many times about Karan and having sex with him but never had she believed this dream would actually be fulfilled.
Karan bit her lip with his teeth and sucked on it for long. Anny felt his hands on her body. Moving all over and feeling every inch of her. Karan couldn’t believe he was with his hot bhabi. He stepped back a little to open her nighty. She was only wearing a panty underneath. Her breasts popped out for Karan. He held them in his hands while looking at her eyes, rolled his thumbs over her nipples which were erect.
Anny couldn’t resist Karan anymore, she started kissing him wildly while taking off his clothes. She wanted to see him naked. The bulge in front of his pants said enough about his size, she took them off getting his dick out. Her eyes filled with lust as she saw how big he was.
Anny told Karan to sit on the sofa as she sat over him while continuously kissing him. She massaged her pussy over his dick, moving over him as Karan sucked on her breasts while pinching her nipple.
Karan felt her pussy drip over his dick. His dick ached to be inside her. Anny, took his dick inside of her slowly. Karan felt her pussy around him.
Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouth while Anny moved down on his hardness. She felt his hard dick slide in deeper as she moved. Moans escaped their mouths as she started riding him until he was fully inside her.
Her wish to fuck Karan had finally come true. She rode him like a slut making Karan moan. Raj could hear them clearly from the next room as their session got more intense.
Raj had always failed to provide her what Karan had to offer. Her pussy filled with warmth as Karan came inside her, their lips still in touch.
They both smiled as they knew they now have each other and it wasn’t just a roleplay.

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