Sexy Young Maid and Cheating Husband

It’s a story about a sexy young maid and her master Rohan who gets pleased in the absence of his wife.
The loud moaning was very erotic. The hot young girl kept her mini skirt up as the tall dark guy drilled her little pussy. The moans were full of pleasure with bits of pain showing how much the girl was enjoying. Rohan held his dick in his hand massaging it slowly, enjoying watching porn in his bedroom.
He had been early home and his wife Savita was still out at her job. Rohan had been feeling horny and he wanted some action. Rohan had his headphones on and the moans could still be heard in the room. His wife stood at the door watching her husband masturbate in their bed.
Savita walked up to him, unplugging the headphones from the laptop.
“what the hell???” asked Rohan angrily.
“This is extremely disgusting! look at yourself, lying here in our bed like this!” She replied.
It had been two years since their marriage. Both of them worked in different fields. It had been a completely arranged marriage where Rohan was the good looking one, with colored eyes, a swimmers body with dark brown hair and a fair complexion while Savita was a very usual person with a normal height and a not so appealing body.
They had spent these two years mostly working and arguing where Savita always felt insecure about Rohan. Rohan had been with many ladies before his marriage and had exceptionally high demands in bed which Savita couldn’t fulfill.
Savita had caught Rohan masturbating many times before and she had always blamed herself for not being pretty enough for him. Rohan had tried many times to make his wife believe that she was the apple of his eyes which truly she was.
He had tried his best to keep Savita happy but for some reason she couldn’t reciprocate. Rohan was an extremely romantic person full of desires but every time he tried coming near Savita she would make out some excuse. Eventually Rohan stopped and started masturbating to porn.
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As usual the couple argued until the housemaid knocked their door conveying that the dinner was ready. They silently had their dinner as the maid worked around.
“ Madam if you don’t mind I have to ask you for a favor?” said the maid politely.
“sure why not” replied Savita
“ My sister needs me for a few days and I have to go, I know you need someone here so if you dont mind can my daughter come for work in my place till I return?” requested the maid with worry on her face.
“ how old is she? Does she even know how to work?” asked Savita.
“ Yes madam she knows all, she is 23 years old and can handle everything. She is very sharp,” said the maid proudly. “I will bring her with me tomorrow so you can see if she is suitable enough”
“sure” said Savita.
Rohan and Savita were lying in bed, facing the other sides when Rohan turned to his wife. He moved his hand over her smooth waist, trying to gain her attention. He was feeling horny and wanted to have sex. It had been days since he had felt her close to him.
Savita felt her husband move close to her. “why does he even bother when all he wants is sex. He can easily replace me with his hand when I am not around” she thought to herself as she felt his hand move up to her breasts.
“It’s late! We both have office in the morning. Lets wait till the weekend when we have time” she said to her handsome husband facing him.
Rohan felt disappointed as he felt unsatisfied and wanted more. His dick was restless. Savita kissed him goodnight.
By the time Rohan woke up, Savita had already left for work. He freshened up and changed into his office clothes. While waiting for his breakfast in the kitchen he started exploring the newspaper as usual.
“How much sugar would you like in your tea sir?” asked a voice.
Rohan looked up since it was not the same familiar voice of his maid. It was someone else. A young girl in her early 20s with pretty brown eyes and dark brown here. She had a good height with an amazingly hot body.
“Who are you?” asked Rohan
Sir her name is Laila. She is my daughter and she will be working in my place for a few days. I have already told Savita madam and she has been very happy with her work” told the maid to Rohan.
Rohan couldn’t believe his eyes, she was such a beautiful girl with an amazingly fair complexion, a tiny waist and her boobs were amazinging well developed. She was indeed a sexy young maid.
Rohan finished his breakfast and left for work. Throughout the day he couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy young maid. Lack of sex had surely made him extra horny.
Savita was still at work when Rohan returned. To his surprise the house was tidy, neat and clean and it was Laila who had done it all. Rohan went to his room to change, on his return lunch was ready for him.
“Would you like anything else sir?” asked the sexy young maid with a smile on her face.
“No thank you” said Rohan.
“What do you do Laila? do you not hate working for others?” asked Rohan.
“Sir I am studying but I have to work to pay my fees” replied Laila.
Rohan felt a little sorry for the sexy young maid. After finishing his lunch, Rohan went to the TV lounge where as usual he watched his porn and masturbated while imagining the sexy young maid.
Savita called Rohan informing him that she might be late since there has been an emergency meeting. Rohan decided to go out for dinner with his friend since he hated eating alone.
Savita was still at work when Rohan got home. He opened the door and walked in, he heard noises from the lounge. Curious since his wife wasn’t home who it could be. He walked slowly to see who it was. Through the open door he peeked in, what he saw was pure shock. It was the young hot maid, watching porn while massaging her boob from over her shirt.
The sight was mesmerizing. Rohan couldn’t stop staring as the sexy young maid kept grabbing her boob, running her finger in circles over her nipple.
Rohan and Laila both heard the doorbell ring. It was Savita back from work. Rohan rushed to his room as Laila closed everything, running to the door to open it.
Rohan changed and got in bed as Savita had her dinner. Many thoughts crossed his mind. “such a delicate girl and so wild”. Rohan drifted to sleep while still imaging Laila.
The next morning he felt a little weird at the breakfast table. Savita had already left for work as usual.
“What do you do when Savita and I aren’t home?” asked Rohan.
“Sir I try to wind up left over work and if I find extra time I try to give it to myself” replied Laila.
“How do you give time to yourself?” Asked Rohan feeling a little naughty.
“by watching tv mostly” she replied.
“oh yes I saw you last night watching tv. Didn’t know you had such interests” said Rohan.
Laila felt a sudden rush of embarrassment as her cheeks blushed.
“Sir I didn’t know you were back” she replied shyly.
Rohan got up as he stood close to the sexy young maid. “have you ever experienced such things?” asked Rohan.
Laila felt naughty. She looked in his eyes while replying “yes sir, many times but never with a man”.
Rohan felt himself getting hard. He was about to hold her hand when his phone rang. It was from his office and he was getting late.
Rohan walked out and Laila felt a little sad. She waited all day for him to return, wishing Savita would be late again.
It was difficult concentrating on work and Rohan just wanted to go home to Laila. The clock seemed to have slowed down. Rohan rushed home once he was done with work.
Laila was waiting for him. Rohan loosened up his tie as he walked to the sexy young maid holding her by her tiny waist. It had been so long since he had been with someone he liked. He brushed his thumb over her bare skin under her shirt.
She could feel his strong grip on her waist. Her cheeks blushed as he moved his lips on her neck. The light tingling sensations turned into pleasure as Rohan licked her creamy white skin. Unlike Savita this sexy young maid didn’t resist any of what Rohan had to offer. His lips moved down to the neck of her shirt. He craved to know what Laila had for him.
He took off his shirt along with hers. Laila felt a little scared, “what if Savita came back” her mother would kill her. She was having a secret affair with her sir. Rohan stared at her. Her body glowed under the light. He felt an extreme hunger for her.
Rohan wanted to see her more. He couldn’t wait. The kitchen floor was soon covered with their clothes as Rohan pushed her against the kitchen counter. He was hard and Laila hadn’t ever seen such a handsome man naked in front of her. She felt horny.
“What will you do to me sir” she asked softly.
Rohan held her breasts in his hands, cupping them. “ I will fuck you as you deserve to be” whispered Rohan as he squeezed her soft pink nipples, making her moan. Rohan felt thirsty for her nipples.
Holding the bottle of honey, Rohan covered her nipples with honey. The cold honey felt like ice on her breasts and sent chills down her body.
With eyes wide open, Laila stared at Rohan as he licked the honey off of her, tracing his tongue over the honey and circling around. Every little inch of her breast sparked as Rohan made his way to her nipples. Sucking them hard, causing Laila to moan.
Her body struggled to keep still as she felt herself burn for more. Her insides aching to be touched and loved.
Rohan could see it in her eyes and he wanted her all fired up to take him rough. He moved his hand down to her pussy, feeling her lips covered in her own honey and ready to be entered by his hard tool.
Rohan held her leg in his hand, lifting it up for him to part her lips. The sexy young maid moaned as Rohan slid his hard dick between her wet pussy lips, slowly entering the tip inside her.
She was wet and warm inside and Rohan kept going in further till he was deep inside. He could feel her heart beating fast as he started moving inside her.
Holding her up, with her legs around him he pushed her against the cold kitchen wall as he drilled his dick in and out of her, filling her with every inch of him.
The sexy young maid moaned as she felt Rohan hit her every right spot till she felt her sir cum inside, filling her pussy well.
“good girl” said Rohan while placing her down. Rohan smile as he walked to his room to take a shower and planning on more ways to fuck the sexy young maid.

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