Sleep Teasing Father-In-Law and Sexy Daughter-In-Law

Neha stood there in the sun enjoying the dull heat on a cold sunny day. She had just gotten out from a bath and was drying her long wet hair. Her father-in-law from a distance stared at his sexy daughter-in-law. So young and brittle he thought to himself while remembering his late wife. Neha looked at the blue sky missing her husband, Arjeet. It had been four months since he had gone to Australia for a work project and every time she called he told her he had more work on his shoulders.

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Neha lived with her father in law. Her mother-in-law passed away when Arjeet was young. Arjeet was a handsome man but her father-in-law, Amar was a totally different definition of good looks. Amar had grey healthy strands of hair with deep brown eyes that were full of dreams still. His body was old but strong, even at the age of 50 he had strength. Amar liked keeping himself fit and healthy.
Amar looked at Neha while she enjoyed the day. She was a pretty girl, married in her mid twenties to his son. Her skin was almost transparent in the sunlight. Her eyes were dark, deep and black. From a distance he could see the shadow of her body from under her shirt. A tiny waist and big cups that should be getting attention all day. Her juicy hips were her highlight. Amar remembered his late wife as he felt that desire rising inside him once again.
Neha looked at Amar noticing how less he resembled his son. Arjeet was not as tall as his father. He had been away since so many months. She had spent so many nights alone. Barely they had video calls where Arjeet would ask Neha to show him herself. She would reveal herself to him, moving her hands over her body as directed by her husband. As he would jerk off to her video call she would lie here restless, full of sex drive but alone until sleep would take over her driving her to dreamland.
Their silence broke as the maid brought them tea. They enjoyed the chai tea while exchanging thoughts. “don’t you miss your wife?” asked Neha. Surprised by the question Amar replied “at times I do, when I see you and Arjeet together I remember the times I had with my wife. It’s been years and I have never been with anyone else”. There was silence again. “why didn’t you remarry?” asked Neha. “I have no answer” he replied. They enjoyed as the sky broke into a thousand colours.
Amar couldn’t help himself from staring as Neha got up and left, leaving him thinking what a sexy daughter-in-law he had. That night went by with unclear dreams of Neha. He felt aroused and guilty at the thoughts of her with him.
Early morning as a usual routine Amar woke up early for his daily walk in the front yard which he had taken care of himself. The plants were like his family. Their fragrance would fill him up with life. He has always been cautious of his health and looked way more younger.
As he did a little morning exercise, Neha from her kitchen window stared at him. “How active is he?” she thought to herself. Admiring his body as she made breakfast. Her needs were growing day by day and it made her sad how her husband was unavailable.
“You seem upset dear” asked Amar eyeing his beautifully sexy daughter in-law. “just wishing Arjeet could join us soon” she replied sadly. Not knowing the details of her unfilled desires yet Amar planned on making her feel good.
To cheer her up Amar took Neha out for a movie. The movie was fun since their taste matched. He stared at her as she laughed at the movie enjoying it. Neha had never enjoyed so much since her husband left. Later they went shopping where Amar helped her decide what suited her better. Every dress she tried on made her even more alluring.
Amar furthermore took his hot daughter-in-law out for dinner. The dim lights focused on her face, her lips all glossy with wide big eyes. The shirt she wore was tight enough to let her cleavage speak of her size. Amar kept his calm even though he felt himself rise inside. He tried to keep his eyes off of her. The evening went well and they returned home.
Arjeet as usual was waiting for his sexy wife on video call. Neha accordingly stripped in front of him. Slowly taking off her shirt followed by her trouser. He asked her to bend down and let him enjoy her. He loved her juicy ass that jiggled as she walked around the house. He loved spanking her every now and then.
Neha was busy showing herself to her husband that she had forgotten to close the door completely. Amar passed her room and the voices made him curious enough to peek inside. He saw his sexy daughter-in-law bent down shaking her ass at the laptop. With eyes wide open he continued peeking.
Neha turned and slowly slid down her bra strap making her boob pop out. Her father-in-law felt his body revive again as he after years saw a beautiful lady naked in front of him. His eyes couldn’t leave the sight. Neha took off her bra letting out her firm bosoms. Her nipples round and firm. It made Amar drool as longing to suck on them took over.
Following instructions she started rubbing her breasts, moving her hands over her breasts. Circling her thumbs over her nipples. Amar heard his son instruct as his slutty sexy daughter-in-law obeyed. Arjeet asked his wife to open her legs for a view which Amar could see as well.
Amar could see her pink pussy lips all spread as she opened her legs for her husband running her finger in between. This was too much for Amar as he covered his hardness with his hand. Arjeet masturbated to his wife fully naked and as she gave him a show.
As the video call ended Amar saw how turned on Neha was but alone she wore her silk nighty gown and laid down in bed turning off the table lamp. She looked at the partially opened door with a smile as if she knew Amar was there.
Amar walked in his room restless with his dick wanting attention. He paced fast trying to remove the image of his sexy daughter-in-law from his mind. Amar changed into a trouser shirt and laid down trying to sleep. He kept changing sides wanting to get rid of the image. It was late night and he was still up.
Getting up for water he passed her room. Failing, he peeked in. Neha was asleep. The moonlight lighting up the room, her body shining. Her nighty only covered her body. Unconsciously he entered inside.
Amar stood by the bedside staring at her body. She seemed so innocent yet wild all together. Her lips, soft and juicy wanting to be kissed. Her eyelashes covered her eyes like a heavy black curtain. Amar had never noticed all this before.
As she moved her nighty slipped from over her leg revealing her soft skin. With trembling hands Amar moved his index finger over her leg. Running it up towards her uncovered thigh. He looked at her to see if she would wake up because of his touch. She kept still.
Neha in her sleep dreamed of a touch. She enjoyed the warmth over her skin. As Amar touched her thigh, removing her nighty from the other leg as well, Neha moved as she kept dreaming about it wanting more of the same touch.
His hand touching her made Amar remember his youth. He moved his hand to her face, brushing his thumb over her lips, feeling the softness. He came close to her face wishing to kiss her when Neha opened her eyes. Shocked at seeing her father-in-law so close her eyes opened wide. It was his touch she had felt in her dream that she longed for more. She touched her lips to his. The kiss casting a magic on both.
It had been years since Amar had been kissed. The touch of her lips sent an electric shock down his body reviving his soul. The slow kiss between their lips turned into a passionate one. Sipping on each other’s lips. Neha bit his lip as he played with her tongue. He held her by his hands while kissing her deeper. She realized how strong her father-in-law was. Pulling her closer while kissing her.
Amar had been craving the touch of a lady for years since his wife passed away but never had he imagined that the next lips he would be kissing would be of his sexy daughter-in-law.
Neha had always crushed on her father-in-law and now he was here. His hand moved down to her barely closed nighty sliding it over her shoulder. Amar grabbed her breasts with lust as he was craving it for long. With the touch of his hands over her breasts she felt goose bumps down her spine.
The heat grew between them as he gently pressed her breasts and massaged them. Neha had never been loved this way. Arjeet was always rough in bed. As their lips parted Amar looked into her eyes seeking permission to more forward. Neha smiled at him as a yes.
Amar took his clothes off as Neha pulled him over her. He felt her against him. Her soft skin driving him crazy. Amar covered her body like a blanket planting kisses all over. He moved down as she moaned for more pleasure. His kisses leaving a trace behind. He nibbled on her breasts lightly while he played with her love hole gently.
Neha couldn’t stop moaning. Her moans showed how much she loved his touch. Amar played with her body as he kissed her over her tummy moving further down. Her body twitching with every kiss he planted closer to her love hole.
Amar looked her in the eyes as he slid his finger over her love hole. He noticed how wet she was. His sexy daughter-in-law begged him for more as he got over her, locking lips with her as he positioned hardness over her love hole. Neha opened her legs for him locking him between. Amar teased her a bit as he sucked on her breasts. Her moans grew loud and with a sudden jerk he entered her.
Neha felt a current flow as Amar filled her in. Biting her neck while slowly pleasing her. Amar felt her insides tightening around him more and more as he went deeper.
He rolled her on her side, lifting her leg up as he entered her again. Staring at her eyes he kept thrusting inside. Neha didn’t know her father-in-law knew so much about pleasing a lady. She finished as he kept going .
Their bodies in a war as the room filled with moans growing louder and louder. Amar moaned as she moved in rhythm with him. Neha liked a man who moaned in pleasure unlike Arjeet.
He finished inside her. Neha still kept kissing him as she felt him drip inside her. Amar had fulfilled her long lasting desires. She smiled while sleeping in his arms.

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