Stepfather And Stepdaughter Getting Naughty

Maira looked at herself in the mirror while adjusting her bra. She wore a new sari for this occasion. Her daughter, Ahana was coming back from her university and it would be the first ever stepfather and stepdaughter to get together. Maira lost her husband in a car accident and Ahana was very young at that time. It was just a couple of months ago when Maira met Ajay. He was younger in age but they both seemed to have a mutual understanding which ultimately led to their marriage.
Maira was running her own business in her late thirties. She had kept herself well-maintained and was aging beautifully. Her blonde hair dye with brown lens gave her a very sharp look along with her petite physique that she maintained by going to the gym regularly made Ajay fall for her.
Ahana was doing her bachelors in business studies and was away when her mother married. She was happy for her mother and wanted to be there but exams kept her busy and she wanted her mother to marry as soon as possible. Her stepfather Ajay had talked to her over the phone, trying to create a family bond and now she was finally going to meet them.
Her flight landed where her mother and stepfather were waiting. As Ahana walked amongst the crowd Ajay saw her instantly. Her looks were well-defined to be noticed among so many.
Ahana was a young girl with a nicely shaped body, firm breasts and tiny ass. Unlike her mother she had long, naturally dark brown hair and brown eyes with creamy white complexion that she took after her father. Ajay always liked girls with bright skin even though Maira had a natural tan he fell for her yet here again watching Ahana walk towards them somehow made him lust over her.
As the girl came near, Maira hugged her daughter since it had been very long that they had been together. Ajay smiled at Ahana with a gentle handshake. Ahana noticed how young Ajay was. He was in his early thirties with thick dense black hair, very sharp features and a nice height. He had a charming smile along with the body of an athlete, broad shoulders and probably abs.
The family went together for dinner. They had a nice conversation over the table discussing their lives and hobbies. Maira wanted the stepfather and stepdaughter to know each other more. Ajay noticed how well behaved Ahana was. Her laughter could fill the entire room with joy plus she had an amazing sense of humor. She was very much different than her mother.
Maira felt so happy seeing the stepfather and stepdaughter bond. It was winter and it was very cold. Ajay was very much concerned about Ahana. He made sure she would feel comfortable in their house.
The family enjoyed late night movies and popcorn. Maira couldn’t control her happiness. She was afraid Ahana might not like Ajay but it had turned out to be the total opposite.
Ahana had a boyfriend back in her University but he was nothing like Ajay. Her boyfriend Nikhel was a short heighted guy with a normal physique. Ahana felt something for Ajay.
The next morning Ajay made breakfast for the entire family. He showed interest in Ahana’s hobbies and studies, asking her all sorts of questions about what she wanted to do in her life. Maira had to go to her office leaving her daughter and husband behind.
The way her stepfather was treating her Anna felt very much attracted towards him. They planned a stepfather and step daughter day out.
Ahana wanted some new clothes hence she asked her stepfather to take her to a mall. She tried on some new clothes and showed her stepfather how they looked on her. Some of the dresses were quite revealing, making Ajay notice her body.
Ahana noticed how Ajay was eying her up and down and that was exactly what she wanted. They went home after a long day of shopping. Nikhel called Ahana while they were in the car, asking her about her visit. The young couple had a little argument over the phone which made Ahana quite sad. Ajay noticed it all.
Ajay made coffee for both of them as he hugged his stepdaughter assuring her all will be fine. Her stepfather felt warm in this cold winter afternoon. The sky was grey as clouds covered the sun completely, it seemed as if it would rain soon.
Ahana hugged back her stepfather feeling his strong chest against hers. Stepfather looked at her stepdaughter wiping tears from her eyes and he said “you are very pretty Ahana, do not let a boy break your heart”.
There was a quiet moment between the stepfather and stepdaughter. When lost in the moment Ahana kissed Ajay. He felt his stepdaughters trembling lips. He didn’t kiss her back. As realization took over Ahana, she backed off. She ran to her room crying while apologizing to her stepfather.
“stop Ahana, listen to me” said Ajay as he followed her to her room. Ahana was packing her bag planning on leaving. “what are you doing?” asked his stepfather shockingly but Ahana kept quiet.
Seeing his stepdaughter sad, Ajay stepped closer holding her by his strong hands. They both looked into each other’s eyes when suddenly Ajay started kissing her.
Ahana melted in his arms. Nikhel had never kissed her like this. The passion and strength Ajay had was very different. She kissed him back.
Their lips were unfolding for each other. He felt his stepdaughter dig deeper in his lower lip. His grim got tense around her, holding her closer to him. Ajay fondled her breast with his hand while tasting her lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up in his arms pinning her against the door, their hunger grew.
The stepfather and stepdaughter sipped on each other’s lips as he slowly moved his hand up, inside her shirt, firmly grabbing her breast. Their moment broke when they heard Mairas voice inside the apartment.
Ajay went out leaving his stepdaughter behind to make herself presentable. They all went out for dinner, celebrating Ahana’s result. She had topped her class. The dinner went peacefully where Ahana shared how she is breaking up with Nikhel since he isn’t the kind of man she wants in her life.
Upon asking Ahana mentioned how she wants a man like Ajay in her life. Maira felt happy about her choice. Later they all again watched a movie again, laughing and making memories.

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The next morning Ahana mentioned that she had to leave early since she had to check another hostel room as the one she was currently living in wasn’t comfortable.
“Do you need any help looking for another room?” asked Maira. Since she was the one who had helped with the previous one. “I would be glad to help if you would like my company with you since your mother has an office meeting. I can accompany you and help you find a nice hostel room as per your requirement” asked Ajay.
Maira wasn’t sure if Ahana was comfortable enough and if the stepfather and stepdaughter had bonded enough but to her surprise she said yes.
The stepfather and step daughter got ready the next morning leaving in search of a new hostel room. It was a nice trip as they had the same music taste, they listened to their favorite songs while searching.
After many failed attempts They finally came across a hostel that they liked. It was a tiny room facing a beautiful garden with a bed on one side and a tiny study table on the other side. It felt like a tiny heaven. They said yes and signed all the important papers and the room was hers.
The stepfather and step daughter went to see the room for the last time. As Ahana looked out the window to the beautiful sunset, Her stepfather came from behind planting a kiss on her neck. The gentle kiss on her next sent an electric current down her body. She turned around facing him when suddenly he started kissing her lips.
Ahana loved the Feel of his lips on her. The kiss shifted from a gentle one to an extremely passionate one. She moved her hand down in his pants to see what he had to serve. He was hard and she could tell he was very long. It excited her to be with an older man. The stepfather felt his stepdaughter’s tongue roll around in his mouth and lifted her up placing her on the bed.
Their clothes were off in an instant leaving behind two naked bodies mingled in one another. Ajay held her arms as he kept kissing her. She felt his body over hers. He was hard between her legs. His dick resting on her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him to feel his dick more as it settled between her pussy lips.
Ajay slowly moved down her body, licking her all the way to her nipples. He flicked his tongue over them while sucking them one at a time. It was the first time her nipples were being sucked like that. Ajay felt her getting wet as his dick got covered by her fluids.
He kept sucking on to her breasts as he gently moved his dick between her pussy lips getting her ready. Ahana moaned as he teased her more. Placing the tip between her lips he entered her slowly. Her eyes opened wide as she felt her stepfather go inside her. His dick felt her tight pussy stretch as he moved in deeper.
He moved back to her lips, locking her mouth with his to stop her moaning. He took his dick out once before entering it again inside, this time deeper than before. Her wet pussy stretched more as he moved in, going deeper inside.
Her legs tightened around him as he got fully inside her. His every inch filling his stepdaughter. Ahana could feel him well inside. Her pussy wrapped around his dick. She moaned in his mouth as her stepfather moved going in and out touching all of her right spots making her cum yet not stopping.
Ahana had never had so many orgasms at once in her life and she felt horny. Her stepfather moaned as he came closer to finishing. He moved faster inside her as he filled his stepdaughters pussy with his cum.
The room was decided and they both couldn’t wait to get all of her stuff shifted here. Ahana knew she wanted her stepfather to help.

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