Ultimate Fantasy Of Student And Teacher

The quiet forest filled with whispers and laughter once again. It was the 3rd night at camp. The camp fire grew wild as all the university students gathered around, enjoying the starry sky and sharing stories. Tonight the topic was “student and teacher sexual encounter”. As every student shared their story, Zuvi sat there quiet. If not with a teacher, all the rest have had their sexual stories to share but here she was with just 1 story that too not a good one. She got up in a sad mood and she walked away.
Walking near camp, lost in her thoughts she observed the beauty around her. The tall trees hiding the moon, silent whispers of the insects along with distant cries of animals. The wild was mesmerising. Zuvi felt sad. Sex shouldn’t be competitive she thought to herself. She walked herself to the nearby lake where she sat by listening to music on her iPod.
Unaware of the sounds around her, she was lost in music. Zuvi felt a hand on her shoulder. Scared to death she turned around. It was her teacher Neel. “Everyone’s looking for you,” Neel told her. Seeing that she was upset he sat down next to her.
Neel was their class teacher who had arranged this camping trip for their class. It was his responsibility to bring everyone home. He often counted students to make sure all were around. Upon counting he noticed one was missing, Zuvi. He was a camper, well aware of tracking as he followed her trail to reach her.
After a quiet time by the lake, Neel asked Zuvi to come along. While they walked back to the campsite Neel asked “you know you are most welcome to share anything you want”. Zuvi kept quiet. She was a young brilliant girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Although a skinny girl but well built with good perky boobs and a round ass. She was known for the mole below her lip. A small tiny black dot on her white creamy skin.
“why did you leave the campfire?” asked Neel. “because of the topics. I had nothing much to share” she replied. Curiously Neel asked her what the topic was. “student and teacher sexual encounter” she replied carelessly. A bit startled he asked “and why does that make you sad”. Zuvi didn’t want to share her secret with Neel. She kept quiet.
Neel looked at her while they walked, noticing her mild curls. He always liked girls with curly hair. Her lips were always pink as if she had been wearing makeup. She was the quiet kind of girl in class. Good with studies but an introvert.
They were almost at camp when suddenly Neel stopped her. He held her hand politely, while looking at her eyes he said “ you are welcome to come to my tent if something bothers you Zuvi. I am here for you”. Zuvi felt better. At least someone cared about her here.
Dinner was ready when they reached. Fresh bbq and pot rice. Zuvi felt relaxed. She looked at Neel as he moved around supervising. He was in his mid thirties. Tall, with broad shoulders. He had green eyes and brown hair. His sharp nose made his stand out from the crowd. His smile made him more attractive.
Many girls around Zuvi commented on him as he walked around. It made Zuvi notice him more. He had the confidence that showed he knew how the female students in his class fancied him. Many female students gathered around their teacher while having dinner conversations.
Neel noticed how few of the students teased Zuvi. Some with bare jealousy while others thought being a virgin was a sin. Zuvi saw her teacher approach, Neel lightened the mood with his sense of humour. He genuinely cared for Zuvi.
Everyone went back to the camp fire gazing at stars. Neel joined in. “what was todays topic?” he asked all his students. A guy replied with a wink “student and teacher sexual encounter”. “share your story” said someone from the circle. “Well I have been with none of my students, it’s against the rules you know. Keep your topics clean guys” he said while getting up. “now back to your tents”.
Zuvi walked to her tent wishing she hadn’t come at all. Sitting in her camp bed she remained restless and the thoughts of all day started crawling back in her mind. Uneasiness took over and she stepped out for some fresh air. Randomly walking around she saw couples making out in silence. Disturbed more she moved forward.
Dull light caught her attention. On closing up she saw a shadow inside the tent. The shadow was of a man. It was Neel. Walking closer she saw he was changing his shirt. The shadow clearly showed his muscles and body outline. A little turned on she wished to see him.
To get a better look she moved closer to the tent. The branches breaking down under her light feet made Neel aware of someone’s presence. He peeked outside. “You can come inside” he said softly yet scaring Zuvi.
Zuvi entered his tent, sitting down. “Are you ok?” asked Neel, sitting beside her. “yeah.. I guess. Just felt uneasy” she replied. “Still thinking about student and teacher sexual encounters?” he asked while laughing. “a little” she replied back looking at her feet.
“What has been the best experience so far, in regard to this?” he asked, a bit serious, Zuvi kept quiet. Neel looked at her as if wanting to see answers on her face. “I don’t have a lot to tell,” she mumbled.

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In the dim lantern light, her skin glowed an energy Neel couldn’t resist. He slowly turned her face to him, looking into her eyes, so deep and fiery, planted his lips on hers. The cold air around them turned warm as she felt the feeling. His lips soft and gentle, stayed on hers. Her teacher wanted to see if she liked the feeling. Hungry from years, with trembling lips she moved on. Sipping his lips. The kiss grew wild in no time.
Neel slowly kept kissing her, their lips playing hide and seek. His hand moved to her back as if comforting her to relax. Her muscles eased as she started enjoying more. Relaxing back on the camp bed, Neel brushed his hand over her pink cheeks burning with shyness and the heat amongst them.
Zuvi felt her body reacting to the kiss, her blood warming up. She craved to be touched more. She wrapped her arms around him, wanting him closer. His tongue slowly moving on her lips as if asking for permission. Zuvi parted her lips slowly for him. Their tongues dancing at the rhythm of their breathing. They had never felt this hot melting feeling inside.
Light moans escaped her as the warmth took over. Neel kissed her deeper to make her quieter, covering her body with his, he started moving his lips down her neck. His face buried in her neck, he kept kissing her with his hands fondling her boobs gently.
Moving down he lifted her bra and shirt up, uncovering her body. He kept kissing her around her tummy and below her boobs while massaging her nipples. Zuvi felt her body restless, her nipples wanting to be kissed and her vagina on flame. She felt herself getting wet.
Neel knew his way around her body. Slowly touching her boobs with his lips he traced his tongue over her skin. As her breathing got faster he teased her move. Moving to her nipples, he sucked on them. The touch of his lips sent shocks down her body. With his lips on her nipples his hand slid in her pants. He felt the damp wetness over her panty showing his work on her body. As he nibbled on her nipples along with gentle strokes over the fabric of her panty her moans grew louder.
Scared to be caught he picked her up walking into the wilderness. The moment they left the camp area their clothes were off as if in a war. Neel pressed her against a tree, holding her hands, kissing her wild and pressing himself close to her. She could feel his hard cock against her and his cold lips on her neck.
Zuvi felt him parting her vaginal lips with his finger. Her legs trembled as he softly entered his finger tip inside her, massaging her. His lips, busy with her nipples. The dance of his tongue made her wet. The cold around them felt nothing as the heat between them grew.
The moon light displayed their shadows as they made their animalistic selves show. Her breathing got louder as his finger went deeper inside getting her ready for more. Zuvi couldn’t believe her luck. This was her student teacher sexual encounter and that too with Neel, such a handsome man.
Neel whispered in her ears “are you ready?”. With her heavy breathing she could only nod. Smiling, Neel held her leg up, pointing the tip of his cock at her. He rubbed himself over her vagina, getting all the wetness on him. Massaging her vagina with his. She moaned, craving for more.
With her back resting on the tree and him holding her, he entered his tip inside. Her eyes opened wide. He took the tip out, again massaging her. His dick was longer than she could imagine. She wrapped her arms around him as he once again entered the tip of his cock inside but this time he kept on going deeper inside.
Her moans filled the silence of the jungle when Neel pressed his lips to hers. He pumped in deeper. She bit his lips to keep herself quiet as he went all the way in.
Neel held her up as she wrapped her legs around him with his coco still inside. He laid her down on the grass as he increased his pace. Their lips locked and bodies drenched in sweat as he gave her the time of her life. Zuvi felt his cock fill her inside. His rock hard cock sliding against her soft skin. She felt his every inch move inside.
Neel loved her tight around him. Her wetness all over his cock. The forest played their music of moans as Neel finished inside her. Breathless they both looked at each other. They had another week here at the camp and many more places to explore.

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