Wife and My Cousin | A Cuckold Fantasy Coming True

My wife and me have an average sex relationship, I have a medium sized cock, and I most of the time don’t last long until I use viagra. But, my cousin is much more mature than us, and is confident and self-assured, even though he’s not the most handsome man. She was willing to put up with him for the first few times. However, her attitude changed after she discovered that he had a large cock. When he arrived at our house in his boxer briefs, his cock was hanging out the bottom of his boxers.

He was a lot more relaxed the next time she met him. She laughed and joked with him, and was very touchy-feely with him. He was not complaining, as he had already stated to me that he thought her very sexy. After a few more meetings, he continued to tell me that he thought she was very sexy. Then, he and my cousin went out for drinks and questioned me about why she had changed. I asked him if anything had been said to her. He said no, but she did witness him leaving the toilet and it was possible that she saw more than she thought. I wasn’t sure what he was talking to me until he said he had a large bird. I laughed and said that she must have liked it. He assured me that he would gladly help. We had a conversation and I explained that I needed time to think about it since I had never done something like this before.

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We all went out to drink the following weekend when he visited our home. My wife and I were both very touchy-feely, and we were all pretty drunk. When we returned to the house, my cousin was enthusiastic about this idea and asked me to take him upstairs in revealing boxers. When my cousin entered the living room, I was talking with my wife. His boxer shorts had at least three inches of cock. My wife noticed the change in her eyes and jumped up. I noticed this and asked my wife if she had ever seen something she liked. She laughed nervously and stated that she had seen something that caught her interest. I said that she could, and she did. She quickly called my cousin and pulled down his boxers to reveal his large cock.

It was larger than mine and he didn’t find it difficult. She began to stroke it until it was too much for her. He then asked her to go suck his bird. He picked her up after she had been playing with his balls and sucking her cock for about five minutes. Then he picked her back up and teased her with his large cock’s tip. The thing must have measured at least 10 inches in length. He then stuffed his cock into her pussy. She looked stunned but seemed to be enjoying it. After giving her multiple orgasms, he then fucked her for around 20 minutes. He also made her squirt, before filling up her with his cum. We all fell apart, so we went to bed together and he left before dawn the next day to avoid any embarrassing moments.

The next day my wife was very sore, but she kept talking about the amazing experience and how his cock made her feel. I asked her if she wanted to do it again. I texted my cousin, telling him she would like to continue it. He replied immediately that he would help whenever needed.

It happens now about every two weeks, and my wife and my cousin sex experience has been great and I love it absolutely love it! While we still have sex and sometimes I make her cum, it is obvious that I can’t do the same as my cousin so she really enjoys those nights.

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