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This story is about a 22 year old young girl, Naina who had recently started experience her sex drive and seduces her handsome uncle to have wild sex with young girl.

Naina felt her pussy lips getting wet as the soft wet tongue moved over her belly button. She grasped the bedsheet in her hands, as she felt chills all over her body. The lips moved up again, to her breasts. Her breasts were sensitive. The tongue moved over her nipples. His warm hands grabbed her tiny but well developed breasts.

The touch made her moan as she felt her pussy get moist with tingling sensations as if she was on fire. The lips moved up to her neck as she moaned more.

Her bedroom door knocked. Naina opened her eyes suddenly realizing it was only a dream. Her mom entered inside.

“honey, freshen up. We have to visit your uncle Rohit today” she asked Naina while sliding away the curtains to let in some sunlight.

It was a bright sunny day outside. Her mother opened the window as well to let in some fresh air. “Breakfast is waiting downstairs dear, don’t get late.” She told her while leaving.

Naina was still lost in her dream. As the fresh air filled her room, she took a long breath, inhaling the morning freshness. The dream was so clear as if it was happening for real. Naina moved her hand inside her trouser, touching her pussy with her finger. She was wet, the dream had made her wet.

Naina rushed to the shower, eager to get ready. It was summer, she decided to wear a skirt with a sleeveless shirt.

Everyone was waiting for her at the breakfast table. “who are we visiting ? ” she asked her mother while pouring juice in her glass. . ” uncle Rohit” replied her mother.

Rohit had been married for 2 years before his wife passed away, leaving him alone behind. He was a handsome young man in his late thirties. Rohit had kept himself fits and fine, wishing to remarry over the years.

Rohit cleaned up his house as his sister and her family were coming over for a visit. His lounge was filled with random porn magazines and porn DVDs along with ashtrays full of cigarettes.

Naina sat in the car as they drove to her uncles house. She went through her phone, texting her friend who was sharing her sex experience. The details made Naina horny. She had been only with 2 guys before in her life and they weren’t even good in bed. Sex was horrible and she craved for orgasms.

Naina felt her vagina tingle as she went through the conversation. Her friend seemed so satisfied with her new boyfriend even though she wasn’t has hot as Naina. Naina had spent the last few months alone at night with nothing else but some porn gifs and her fingers to help.

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Feeling down she put her phone on silent while enjoying the beauty of her road trip. Her uncle had married abroad and they couldn’t be a part of it. it had been years that she hadn’t seen her uncle all she remembered was how he used to take her to the park when she was younger.

It was almost noon when they arrived. Rohit had a house a little outside of the city, with a huge front yard and a backyard. His house was surrounded by trees. It was summer and the air was full of rosy fragrance from all the plants that Rohit had planted himself.

The family was greeted by Rohit at the main door. Naina noticed how handsome her uncle was, with his broad chest and huge biceps he could lift an entire truck. He seemed to be a very charming man with his crooked smile and elegant nature.

“Wow it’s been long since I have seen you Nana, you have grown into such a beautiful lady” complemented Rohit by looking at Naina.

Naina blushed at the compliment while entering the house. It was a huge house with modern themed indoor setting. Huge windows looking out at the far off field. It wad beautiful. Naina remembered the house in a different way, as Rohit had changed many things after his wife passed away.

“do you sleep with your parents still?” asked Rohit while holding her bags.

“no uncle, I sleep alone in my own room” she told him proudly with her cheeks blushing.

“Very well, follow me to your room young lady” said Rohit to her and turned around.

While placing her bags on the rug he smiled at her, “lunch is ready, please join us” he told her.

The family had lunch while talking about their lives. Where Rohit asked Naina about her studies and life. Naina couldn’t help but admire how handsome he was. The way his arms were all ripped and muscular. Her heart kept skipping beats. She knew she had a crush on her uncle.

Rohit had only been with his wife and since she passed he hadn’t considered going out with other women. He was still young and seeing Naina someone woke his deep desires to be with someone. Naina was a young hot girl with fair smooth skin and skinny physique yet with breasts prominent enough to catch attention.

They spent the entire day outside, walking and enjoying the summer sun. Later they went out to eat and came back home to rest. Throughout the day Naina kept her eyes on her handsome uncle and he knew he was being eyed by the hot young girl.

Naina went to her room to change and get in bed. She got in bed, going through her phone as strong desires took over her. Taking off her trouser, she relaxed back in bed with her legs opened. Slowly imagining herself with her uncle Rohit, she started rubbing herself over her young delicate pussy.

Rohit made tea for himself and while walking towards his room he noticed how the light of Nainas room was still on. Curiously he peeked inside watching his niece, such a young hot girl rubbing herself. Rohit felt an electric current running down his body. What turned him on more was how the young hot girl kept moaning his name ‘ahh Rohit’ while she moved her fingers in between her legs.

Rohit felt himself getting hard. Naina was so young, her fingers played with her pussy neatly, Rohit couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She opened her legs more as she licked her middle finger, making it all wet. Rohit got closer to the door, peeking more as he saw the young hot girl move her finger closer and entering it inside her pussy.

Tiny little moans escaped her mouth as her finger slid inside her. Rohit could judge she had not been with many guys and her pussy was really tight. His dick was fully hard. He opened his jeans taking out his dick and started rubbing himself as he observed Naina fingering herself more.

The more she fingered herself the louder her moans and whispers got. Rohit was close to the door rubbing his dick at the sound of his name being taken. Unaware of what was happening, the door opened a little more catching Nainas attention.

Scared she got up, covering herself at the sound of the door opening. She saw Rohit standing at the door with his dick in his hand. They both looked at each other. Their eyes full of lust for each other. Rohit was still hard, Naina got out of bed slowly walking towards Rohit.

Naina came close to him, holding his hand in hers she placed it on her pussy which was indeed very much wet. Rohit stared at the young girl while feeling his hand covering her pussy. He slowly massaged her as she moaned. She was young and wild and Rohit couldn’t help himself but desire to have a session of extremely wild sex with young girl.

Rohit entered his finger inside her pussy as he locked his lips with her pink cherry lips stopping her moans as he felt her warm wet pussy take his finger in deeper. Rohit wanted to enter his dick inside of her. His dick ached to feel the same warmth his finger was feeling.

He moved his finger inside of her, reaching in deeper, getting her ready for more as their lips continued to kiss. Unfolding for each other, their tongues circling around exploring each others mouths. The deeper his finger went Naina couldn’t control her body. It was her first time have such an intense orgasm as all her body muscles got tense. She collapsed in Rohit arms. Picking her up he laid her down in her bed.

Rohit knew she was a delicate wild young girl and he now craved to have wild sex with young girl.

The next morning, Naina felt a little shy, her body had experienced something new and she craved for more. It was wild and she loved it. Over breakfast they both smiled at each other, their secrets hidden.

Upon insistence by Naina, Rohit planned a picnic for the family in a near by field which opened to a near forest. With his sister, Rohit prepared a picnic basket and they were all set.

Upon reaching, the family laid down their picnic basket and mat under a shade where they say down enjoying the evening.

Half an hour passed by when Rohit got up. “let me show you a near by pond Naina” he said to Naina.

“would you like to go see?” he asked her while offering her his hand to get up.

“go Naina, your uncle is being so nice” said her mother.

With a shy smile Naina held his hand and got up. They walked into the trees. Rohit knew his way aroumd them very well. They went a little deeper in the woods where there was a tiny pond with a waterfall surrounded by grassy patches covering the area around.

Naina loved it all. The wilderness of the area was exactly how she felt inside. Her sex drive was untamed and wild.

Without further waiting, Rohit held her by her tiny waist bringing her body close to his. Naina loved the roughness in his touch truly the grasp of a man.

“Let me show you how it feels to be loved properly” he whispered to her while blowing softly on her neck at the same time running his hands on her sides with a mild grip pm her waist.

Naina felt mesmerized by his touch. His lips close enough but not touching her skin, she could feel his breath on her skin, warm and sexy. Rohit looked into her eyes seeing emotions flow as he closed in to her lips. Her lips trembled, wanting to be kissed as he kept his lips a few millimetres away from hers.

Slowly parting his lips, Rohit licked her lips. As soon as she felt his tongue move over her lips her body shivered. Rohit softly kissed her. Holding her up in his arms he sucked on her lips, giving her lips tiny bites.

Naina moaned as he held her lip in between his teeth. He wanted to have her ready since he had planned on having a session of extremely wild sex with young girl.

Rohit undressed her while keeping his lips locked to hers. Naina felt shy as Rohit covered her with his body while lying on the ground. He opened her legs with one hand as he gently rubbed his hard dick between her soft pussy lips.

Naina moaned as she felt her pussy getting hungry for his dick. She felt scared of her uncle who was had a huge dick, scared that her uncle might hurt her.

“relax my love” it wont hurt he assured her while gripping her firm breasts.

He sipped on her nipples. They were delicate and pink. His tongue circled them as Naina felt her sex drive rising. Her pussy throbbed and dripped as she craved for her uncle to fuck her.

Uncle Rohit wanted to drive Naina wild. He wanted her body to want him as much as he wanted her. The hot young girl felt her body twitch as her uncle nibbled on her nipples along with rubbing his dick between her pussy lips. Moaned filled the air as she begged her uncle to enter her.

She was ready to be entered deep, Rohit was about to have the wild sex with young girl that he had craved for. While pressing his lips to her he entered his thick dick inside her a little. He had no intention of hurting her.

Naina relaxed her legs around him as she felt the tip of his dick go inside. She was very wet and horny. Rohit felt her tight pussy relax as he went in deeper. Moving himself inch by inch inside her, filling the young hot girl with his dick. Her pussy was wet and warm.

Rohit massaged her breasts along with kissing her neck as he kept having wild sex with young girl in the middle of the forest. He gained pace, moving faster as she moaned for more. He held her waist as he moved inside of her. Naina felt her body give up as she had lost count of how many orgasms she have had so far when she felt her uncle pull out to cum on her breasts.

She loved this wild session with her uncle and she knew what to do next to him.

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